Kin Shriner, who was born on the 6th of December in 1953 in New York, is best known for portraying Scott Baldwin on two soap operas, General Hospital and Port Charles. Shriner is the twin brother of fellow actor, Wil Shriner. The two were raised in Texas by their grandmother after their parents died in a car crash while they were in high school. In 2005, Shriner joined the cast of As the World Turns, playing Keith Morrissey. His other television credits include Family Passions, Melrose Place, The Young and the Restless , Texas and Full House.

Scott Baldwin is played by Kin Shriner in the soap opera General Hospital. Scott is the son of Meg and the deceased Lloyd, and is the paternal brother of Brooke. His family has gone through rocky roads until Meg married Lee Baldwin and adopted Scott. Shortly after that, Meg passed away due to some illnesses. Scott went to law school and returned to Port Charles to work at the hospital where he met Laura Webber. The two fell in love, but the marriage did not last for Laura fell in love with Luke Spencer, thus divorcing Scott. He loved her deeply, and their separation marked the change in his personality, as he started engaging in illegal activities.

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