Even though a new episode of Ugly Betty airs tonight, it’s never too early to bring up the guest stars lined up for the next installments.  It’s just so we’re prepared and will no longer raise our voices in glee once they appear on screen.

Broadway World reports that two notable stage stars will be making their appearance on the hit ABC comedy.  It won’t be until February 3, but it already sounds quite exciting.  Probably because I’m an Avenue Q fan.

One of the stars listed as a guest for the episode “Smokin’ Hot” is Kristen Johnston, a stage and film actress known for her roles in 3rd Rock from the Sun and the theater performance So Help Me God! It was reported last year that Johnston took over the role left by Paula Abdul on the series, and it looks like she’s returning to play Helen once again.

Joining her on the upcoming episode is John Tartaglia, best known for creating and puppeteering the roles of Princeton and Rod for the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Avenue Q.  Even though he left the cast in 2005, he still continues his work on the stage.

As of now though, he’s more involved in television and is working on his own show for Playhouse Disney called Johnny and the Sprites.  But he’s still up for an Ugly Betty appearance, along with Neal Bledsoe and designer Brian Reyes.

On “Smokin’ Hot,” Kristen Johnson’s character impresses Amanda (Becki Newton) with her sewing skills.  The two of them team up to start a new clothing line altogether, but find it difficult to find supporters.

Meanwhile, John Tartaglia will be portraying a character known as Paolo, though we can’t expect any puppets to be lobbying behind him.

Don’t forget to catch the marvelous guest stars on another new episode of Ugly Betty, as it airs on February 3 at 10 pm on ABC.

Source: Broadway World, IMDB
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