The casting execs have finally put a name and a face to one of the highly anticipated characters of Supernatural‘s fifth season. Cupid, as reported previously, is paying a visit to Sam and Dean just in time for Valentine’s Day. However, he won’t come in the form of a little winged cherub.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

Cupid will appear as a “doughy, out of shape and naked” mythical character that “greets everyone with enormous bear hugs” and according to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, Southland‘s Lex Medlin has been tapped for the role.

Medlin, for those who are not familiar, is an actor who has appeared in a wide variety of television commercials and sitcoms. He is noted for his droll facial expressions as Larry Cone, the star of the 2006 FOX TV comedy show Happy Hour, and is credited for his roles on Still Standing, Rock Me, Baby, and Mental.

In the Supernatural episode “My Bloody Valentine,” which airs on February 11, Sam and Dean launch an investigation when couples all over town start engaging in obsessive, compulsive, and deadly behavior— which may involve Cupid so the boys track him down for questioning.

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Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV