‘One Tree Hill’ Interview: Robert Buckley’s Upcoming Juggling Act

  • Jan 18, 2010
  • Buddy TV

One Tree Hill returns tonight at 8pm on the CW for the second half of season 7.  The last time we saw super sport agent Clay, he was picking up the pieces of his life, getting Nathan his job back, starting his own agency and vowing to fall madly in love with Quinn.  So everything worked out perfectly, right?  Wrong.

Robert Buckley assures fans that things aren’t all easy and nice for Clay when One Tree Hill comes back.  He has a new business, a new relationship, and a rekindled friendship with Nathan, three big adventures that have him being pulled in three different directions.  I also talked to Buckley about life in North Carolina, the possibility of an eight season for One Tree Hill, and what it’s like being directed by a co-star.

Listen to the full interview for all the cool details:

-While One Tree Hill fans are used to relationships being tested by sexy newcomers (hello, hot British Clothes Over Bros fashion designer Alexander), Buckley says the main test for Clay and Quinn’s new romance will be time.  Nathan’s friendship and the new sports agency Clay’s starting will both be pulling him away from some quality Quinn time.

-Most of Buckley’s scenes will still be with Shantel van Santen as Quinn and James Lafferty as Nathan, but he told us we’ll also be seeing some new faces, particularly with his upstart agency.

-It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that gets to Buckley.  He’s enjoying filming in North Carolina, but the ne thing he’s struck by the most is humidity, something he’s not used to in California, and something that causes him to sweat quite a bit during the summer months.

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-Buckley is more than willing to stick around for an eighth season of One Tree Hill, so long as the writers keep finding interesting stories to tell.  That shouldn’t be a problem, as the ratings have been very solid and the fan response has been surprisingly positive to the post-Leyton One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill is known for giving its actors a chance to step behind the camera.  This season alone, James Lafferty, Sophia Bush and Paul Johansson have all directed episodes.  Buckley doesn’t find being directed by a co-star awkward, in fact, he enjoys it.  Not only do the stars know everyone involved, but they have a shorthand that helps make the co-stars feel comfortable.

-Buckley especially appreciated having his good friend James Lafferty direct “I and Love and You,” a very emotional episode for Clay where he deal with Sara’s death.  Having a friend behind the camera made it easier for Buckley to give such a great performance.

One Tree Hill airs Mondays at 8pm on the CW through March 1, when it will take seven weeks off before returning April 19 for the final run of season 7 episodes.

(Image courtesy of the CW)

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