Last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia presented NeNe with a friendship contract, which she later tweeted was a joke. The contract rode the line between cute and creepy but in the end, it was a good idea. It got me thinking, maybe it’s time to draft up a contract for our relationship with The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

For The Real Housewives of Atlanta:
Do you want to be my favorite show? (Circle one) YES / NO

If you want to be my favorite show, you must agree to the following things:

A) More weird photo shoots with Phaedra.
Phaedra-pickle.JPGB) Dwight must wear a different crazy hat in every episode in which he appears.
RHOADwightcrazyhat.jpgC) Kim must continue to pursue her music career.
RHAKimstudio1.jpgD) Sheree must continue to pursue various careers that she is over-confident she can conquer.
RHOAshereewarmsup.jpgE) We need lots of commentary from NeNe. The less commentary from NeNe we hear, the less funny and interesting the episode.
RHOANeNereacts.jpgF) Make sure you get Kim’s pregnancy/birth and possible engagement. We don’t want the spin-off, we want it all on RHOA!
RHA KimKroy.pngG) More Lawrence, please!

RHA boxing1.pngSign here! _______________________________

Anything you’d add to the contract?

(images courtesy of Bravo)

Carla Patton

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