Ghost Whisperer attempts to spook viewers with its scariest episode yet tonight at 8pm on CBS. “Do Over,” the fourth episode of the paranormal drama’s fifth season, is primarily set in Grandview Hospital where operations are murder and where patients have their own beside manners.

Before anything else, here’s what happened so far on Ghost Whisperer: Eli’s dad, Ray, died of a heart attack and we finally learned that his diseased wife Evelyn and his business partner Ann had a thing going on, much to the surprise of Ray, Eli and Melinda. In the end, though, Eli’s parents don’t crossover, leaving the impression that we’ll be seeing them again in the future.

For now, Ghost Whisperer puts the spotlight on Grandview Hospital where Melinda investigates a haunting at the morgue.  It looks to be the spirit of a surgeon who died back in the 1950s and now he haunts the hospital where he worked and is constantly repeating the same surgery he was performing at the time of his death.

Meanwhile, we meet a teenage boy who is being initiated into a gang at his school by taking a dare to spend 15 minutes in a hospital morgue drawer. Unfortunately, the prank goes awry when he encounters a real ghost inside. Later, he is questioned by Melinda about his paranormal encounter and he reveals that it’s a spirit of man in his 20s who is clearly in agony.

In other developments, Delia goes on a first date lunch with an attractive lawyer named Roger at an Italian restaurant she frequently goes to. But when he turns hostile to the waiter who accidentally spills wine on Delia, she immediately writes him off.

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