From the Degrassi Panthers to the McKinley Titans, it’s easy to find yourself rooting for your favorite characters on a fictional football team to win. In honor of the Super Bowl, we’re rounding up our favorite TV football players who we’d like to see play in and win the big game.

Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights

If Riggs could stay away from the Super Bowl parties and the cheerleaders long enough, he would be unstoppable on the field. After three seasons as the resident fullback/running back on the Dillon Panthers, Coach Taylor more than prepared him for the Super Bowl. 


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Vince Howard, Friday Night Lights

After season 3, Coach Taylor switched from the Dillon Panthers to the East Dillon Lions, so it’s only fair to include a player from that team too. Vince had his demons, including his drug addict father, but ultimately he won his spot as QB1 and threw a Hail Mary to help the Lions win State. I think he could even give Tom Brady a run for his money.

coachandvince.jpgArchie Andrews, Riverdale

Only a few episodes of The CW’s new Archie comic series have aired, but football is a big part of Archie’s life. He moved up from JV to varsity in the pilot, so you know he has a lot of potential, and he even though he’s super busy, he makes time for practice and to rock his varsity jacket. Plus, he has both Betty and Veronica rooting for him on the sidelines.


Finn Hudson, Glee

Whether it was in Glee Club or on the football field, Finn was a natural leader. He brought his various teams and friends together on a regular basis, so it would not be a shock to see him leading his team to victory, even if he was dealing with the pressure of the Super Bowl. Not to mention that he could also provide the halftime entertainment.


Jane Vaughn, Degrassi

Jane made history at Degrassi Community School (and on TV) by being the only female to play on the football team. While she was praised and supported by her friends and boyfriend, she was harassed by the guys on the team. She didn’t let it stop her though, and her experience with haters and bullies would make her a perfect candidate for the big leagues. jane-degrassi-jane-vaughn-17187406-400-267.jpg A.C. Slater, Saved By The Bell

A.C. brought the Bayside Tigers to victory on a regular basis. He was the star running back, plus a basketball star, wrestling star and even a ballet dancer. A.C.’s athleticism, determination and team spirit would make him a perfect Super Bowl MVP. 


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Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

It’s safe to say that Stefan’s football career was cut short (he got a little distracted by his love life and fighting evil vampires), but he looked like a part of the team during his brief jock days. Plus, he’s freaky fast and super strong, so it would be awesome to see the non-vampire players try to compete with him.

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