The Summer Olympics are always hugely entertaining. But can you imagine how much more exciting it would be if Arrow‘s Oliver Queen were competing in archery? Or Scandal‘s Olivia Pope in swimming? There are so many talented characters on TV who we’ve seen firsthand showing off their athletic prowess, and having them representing their homelands in the Olympics would all but ensure victory. Here are 7 TV characters we’d love to see competing in the Summer Olympics.

Archery: Oliver Queen, Arrow

Oliver Queen archery.gif Think of anyone you’ve ever seen compete in archery on the Olympics. No one moves as fast, or with as much precision as Oliver Queen. We can’t even say that he has an unfair advantage, because his abilities are all natural. No super powers are running through his blood, just hard work. Go make us proud, Olly.

Track: Barry Allen, The Flash

Barry Allen track.gif Barry Allen, on the other hand, may have an unfair advantage. Even so, it would be amazing to watch Barry literally run circles around the track in the time it takes everyone else to move forward even 50 meters. Barry would finish the event and already be back in his hotel room ordering room service by the time everyone else crosses the finish line.

Fencing: Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

Arya Stark fencing.gif People may be fooled by this young lady’s small stature, but judging her on that would be a big mistake. We’ve obviously seen Arya take down opponents with many sorts of weapons, but her needle will always be our favorite. Showing up even her older brothers, no one moves with more poise while fencing than Arya Stark. She would undoubtedly bring home the gold for Winterfell.

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Swimming: Olivia Pope, Scandal

Olivia Pope swimming.gif Olivia Pope is a woman of both mental and physical dexterity. A woman who has so much running through her mind at all times and can still channel it through a few laps back and forth in the pool is exactly the type of person we want representing us in the games. Not to mention the fact that Olivia Pope can basically do anything she wants, so she’d likely bring home the gold in any event she chose.

Tennis: Spencer Hastings, Pretty Little Liars

Spencer Hastings tennis.gif Spencer may have played field hockey in high school, but we all know she was gifted in tennis as well. We watched her make some killer serves when practicing to play with her father and his business associate. Sure, she ended up having to throw the game for her dad’s business, but we know she would have destroyed them. Spencer’s another one who would probably win any event she entered, but tennis seems like the best fit. I don’t think there’s an Olympic event for espionage. If there were, she’d probably be up against Olivia Pope for that too.

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Golf: Chad Radwell, Scream Queens

Chad Radwell golf.gif Chad may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he sure has a lot of focus when it comes to his golf swing. A guy who puts more effort into his game than just about anything else in his life (namely, his girlfriend) definitely has the work ethic and determination to take it to the next level. He may not bring victory home, but it would be entertaining to see how anxious he gets on national television. Not to mention how angry and tense the Radwell clan would get watching him play.

Shooting: Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Dean Winchester shooting.gif Sam and Dean have been shooting guns since they could barely walk, but Dean definitely has a few more years of practice under his belt. We’d like to see any marksman in the world try going head-to-head with this pie-loving demon-hunter. As we can see above, Dean can literally shoot circles around anyone or anything.

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Are there more TV characters you think have what it takes to compete in the Olympic games? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kartik Chainani

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