At the end of season Arrow season 4, Team Arrow has been scattered to the 4 winds. Thea is off doing (more) soul-searching, Laurel remains dead and Diggle is spending more time with his family… by joining the army. All that remains is Oliver and Felicity to protect Star City, in the inverse of the situation that ended season 3. Yet while Oliver and Felicity are together, in the same place, they are no longer “together.” Olicity is still no more but that doesn’t have to be forever. Here are 5 things we’d like to see from Olicity in Arrow season 5. 

Have a Non-Awkward Scene

Ever since their forced break-up at the tail end of Arrow season 4, every interaction between Oliver and Felicity has been painfully awkward. Though they had other things to distract them like the death of Laurel and Damien Darhk trying to cause a nuclear apocalypse, every conversation between Oliver and Felicity was stilted and strange. All credit must go to Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell for accurately capturing the awkwardness of a break-up, but time has passed and even more time will go by when Arrow returns for season 5. 

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It would be nice if when Arrow comes back for season 5, Oliver and Felicity are in a much better place than they were at the end of season 4. If not together romantically, hopefully they will be friends like they were in seasons 1 and 2. Anything to make Arrow’s previously most enjoyable relationship a little less cringe-worthy. 

Have Their Own Adventure 

There will obviously be a Team Arrow in season 5, whether or not it looks exactly the same as it did in season 4. Before the team fully gets back together, we’d like to see Oliver and Felicity have at least one full mission by themselves. Arrow has a tendency to change things in the season finale and then quickly reset the status quo in the season premiere. Hopefully in season 5 we’ll get at least one episode of Oliver and Felicity’s crime fighting adventures and capture some of that street hero magic from season 1. 


Tell Each Other the Truth About Everything

Obviously this is a bit more directed at Oliver than Felicity but it still applies. The reasons for Oliver and Felicity’s break-up are still confusing despite Felicity’s explanation for her actions. It is safe to say that it all traces back to Oliver’s lying to Felicity. In season 5, it’s time for Oliver to finally show some real growth and stop lying to Felicity for stupid reasons. For once the two can and should be open about everything in their lives. 

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Oliver Helps Felicity Get Her Company Back

Since Oliver is the main character of Arrow, his relationship with Felicity revolves a lot around his problems. There is the occasional Felicity adventure and Oliver will help her out by saving her life. It is not enough. It is time in season 5 for Felicity to lead the charge and season 4 has set up the perfect opportunity. Rather than falling back into the repetitive pattern of Felicity using her magical hacking powers and Oliver using his near metahuman skill with a bow and arrow, it is time for the two to put their brains and wits together. With Oliver’s help, season 5 should see Felicity regain her company and become CEO of Palmer Tech again. Hopefully, though, she will be a more attentive and involved boss than she was in season 4. 


Get Back Together 

This is the big one. The first half of season 4 of Arrow proved a lot of things but one of the most important ones was about Oliver and Felicity. The two are just simply better together, in a relationship and being happy. There is much less needless angst and annoying tears if Oliver and Felicity are together and are in love. The reasons for Oliver and Felicity’s break-up in season 4 were needless. It is time to course correct in season 5 by having them get back together and stay together. The sooner this happens, the better.

But what do you think? What would you like to see happen with Oliver and Felicity in season 5? What does your wish list look like? Do you want to see any of these things happen for them?

Arrow will return in the fall Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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