If you tune in to BrainDead, you’ll see a strong cast and something very different from The Good Wife, executive producers Robert and Michelle King told reporters ahead of the premiere. Plus, find out what they had to say about The Good Wife spinoff.

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Here are a few highlights from the interview with executive producers Robert and Michelle King:

  • Pointing back to the budget shutdown from a few years ago, Robert King called it “very odd” because “people no longer seemed to be working strategically for ends they could achieve. It all seemed to come from a certain extremism and what seemed very interesting about that is it was almost like people being overtaken by a virus or something. People were no longer behaving the way you thought they should.” They made a connection between that and horror movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • While there is a serious underpinning, they wanted the show to be fun. It is very different from The Good Wife, with this one having a “more unrestrained sense of humor.” However, the audience will see that Laurel and Gareth’s relationship is “very strong and very much in the Good Wife mode.”
  • The Kings wanted to get Tony Shalhoub for an episode of The Good Wife.
  • They plan to try to play it as current as possible, which means tinkering with news clips until the last moment they can. (For example, those seen in the pilot could have been changed up until Tuesday, June 7.)
  • The bugs do have an agenda.
  • They have a four-year plan: DC, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood.
  • While most TV shows are shot with zoom lenses, which are a time-saver, BrainDead is done with prime lenses, which allows for a cleaner look.
  • Everything about The Good Wife spinoff is very preliminary right now.
  • “We wanted a point-of-view character who seemed a little bit outside of DC and could share our skepticism in what’s going on,” Michelle King said about Laurel.

BrainDead airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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