In this episode of Scream, “Psycho,” Emma worries she’s losing her mind, Audrey struggles to cover her tracks as Noah follows up on a new lead, Brooke begins to worry about Jake, and Kieran’s family arrives in town.

Emma tells Maggie about her experience on the James’ farm, and Maggie reveals yet another secret about Emma’s past — Maggie had taken Emma to visit Brandon’s family when she was a young girl.

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Is Emma Losing It?

After Brandon went on his killing spree, his family became outcasts. They moved to the desolate farm until they could find somewhere to relocate, some place where nobody would know who they were. Maggie refused to abandon them, so she made trips to the farm, bringing her daughter along. Emma questions how her mother could keep this information from her, and Maggie figured that it didn’t matter. She’s also shocked to learn that her daughter even remembers the place.

Emma wonders who is living out there now and why they have a creepy fascination with her. Maggie doesn’t know who the new tenant is because as far as she knows, nobody has been there since Troy left. Maggie reassures her daughter that they aren’t hiding from anything anymore, and she doesn’t want Emma to be afraid. She suggests they go back together and figure out what’s going on, but when they return, all evidence of an inhabitant, including Emma’s shrine, is gone.

Emma tells Kieran about the previous night, and he suggests that she go to the police. Emma is hesitant to involve the authorities since there’s nothing to see but an old, crumbling farmhouse. She’s convinced that they’ll think she’s crazy. Emma herself is beginning to question her sanity, wondering if she hallucinated the whole thing. Emma starts to question if she came home too soon and asks Kieran if she should go for more treatment. Kieran encourages Emma to stay put. 

Noah Gets a Lead

Noah has a new lead on the mysterious and apparently demented Internet troll harassing Audrey. Emma’s podcast interview yielded a record number of comments, and one person in particular stands out, EddieKrueger. Eddie is a night clerk at a local motel, the Crescent Palms. Eddie claims to have seen Piper’s accomplice.

Brooke Worries About Jake

If Emma was hoping to get Brooke to validate her sanity, she’s out of luck. Brooke never made it inside the house, and she insists that Emma was making no sense when she emerged in hysterics. Plus, Emma has a history of seeing things that aren’t really there (her dead ex-boyfriend, for one). Given all the insanity they’ve been through, Brooke doesn’t think it’s so crazy that Emma’s mind is playing tricks on her. 

Brooke has bigger problems. Jake still hasn’t made an appearance since their break-up. Audrey figures it’s part of his bold plan to make Brooke suffer, but Brooke thinks Jake’s two-day disappearing act is weird. Noah reminds Brooke that Jake faked mono for a week to get out of midterms once. Kieran says that with his parents in Mexico, Jake’s probably just laying low. 

Audrey’s Stalker Continues to Taunt Her

In the midst of all the speculation about Jake, Audrey receives another text. This one says her friends will turn on her when they learn the truth. She looks up and spots Hayley, the girl from the movie theater who happens to be holding her phone and shooting Audrey dirty looks.

Audrey corners the girl in the stairwell and grabs her phone, but Hayley was just texting her boyfriend. Audrey apologizes and scurries off. She rushes past Noah, followed by Hayley, who tells him his friend is a “psychotic bitch.”

What Secrets is Zoe Keeping?

Emma’s academic life is taking a hit thanks to all the recent drama. She arrives at her locker to find Zoe waiting for her. They were supposed to have a tutoring session, but Emma forgot, being preoccupied with her possible impending breakdown. Zoe is sympathetic, and we get a clue that there’s more to her than meets the eye. She gets what Emma is going through because she’s been through some painful stuff herself. 

More to Miss Lang Than Meets the Eye

Emma decides to take up her psychology teacher Miss Lang’s offer to talk. The two meet up at the local coffeehouse, and Emma fills Lang in on what happened at the James’ farm. Lang says hallucinations and paranoia are pretty common with PTSD and not something to really worry about. I would beg to differ, and why is this teacher playing shrink? 

When Emma gets up to grab their order, Lang reveals that she’s recording their conversation. As Emma heads back to the table, she swears she sees Piper tapping away on her laptop. She freaks out, further reinforcing the idea that she’s gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Lang comes to Emma’s aid and calms her down. Emma realizes that returning to the place where she first met her homicidal half-sister may not have been such a great idea after all. 

Noah Continues His Investigation

Noah’s lead pans out. Piper stayed at the Crescent Palms on and off while she was in Lakewood. Eddie is saving his big accomplice identity reveal for Noah’s podcast. Audrey questions why Eddie didn’t take this information to the police, mainly because the police have no evidence of Piper having had an accomplice. Audrey offers to videotape the interview for the website.

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Will Brooke’s Dad Be the Next Victim?

Brooke decides to break her texting standoff with Jake, but he doesn’t return her message, mainly because he’s been gutted like a fish, but she doesn’t know that. Her dad is up for re-election, and he’s planning to keep her busy with photo ops during the upcoming Lakewood Days’ events. 

Speaking of the not-so-esteemed mayor, he’s received a text from Jake instructing him to head to an area outside of town known as Wren Lake estates. This is obviously where Jake got snatched by the killer, but whether he sent this before or the mystery murderer did it after Jake’s untimely demise is the question. Brooke’s dad calls Jake’s number but gets his voicemail.

Kieran’s Aunt Arrives in Town

Kieran arrives home to find Sheriff Acosta in his dad’s house. The Sheriff has been receiving a lot of noise complaints from the neighbors. Aunt Tina is also present. The Sheriff called her since she’s Kieran’s legal guardian and was disturbed to learn that the woman doesn’t even live in Lakewood. The Sheriff isn’t about to look the other way while a minor lives alone with zero supervision. Tina promises that she’ll resolve the situation. 

Aunt Tina isn’t really that concerned about Kieran’s well-being as much as she is for the check she receives for being his guardian. It was a win-win situation as long as Kieran kept his nose clean. Now she’s got to come up with an alternate arrangement, and it looks like that means Kieran will be leaving town.

Gustavo is Obsessed with the Lakewood Six

Brooke stomps into the police station, determined to file a missing persons report. As she waits, she realizes she’s got company, Gustavo (aka Stavo). Stavo’s dad makes him come to the station every day after school. He questions what Brooke is doing there, and it turns out he knows quite a lot about Jake, Brooke and the rest of the Lakewood Six. He’s even ranked them, with Jake coming in at number six. Brooke wants to know what number she is, and Stavo says he’ll go as high as four. Brooke feels slighted, believing she should be at least third, but Stavo has securely placed Noah in that spot. Brooke may have been stabbed and locked in a freezer, but Noah was an investigative force. 

Just as Brooke is about to talk to an officer, she receives a text from “Jake.” I feel obligated to note that while Stavo was chatting up Brooke, he was also texting furiously. Any chance he was warning someone?

On her way out, Brooke makes it clear to Stavo that nobody really knows the Lakewood Six.

When Kieran tells Emma that he’s moving to Atlanta, she’s devastated. Maggie, obviously not wanting her daughter to suffer any more than she already has, pays a visit to Kieran’s aunt.

Emma Faces Her Demons

Emma arrives at Kieran’s later and encounters a boy she met earlier at school that day. He chatted her up about Lakewood Days, and while he knew who she was, Emma couldn’t recall seeing him around before. He’s actually Kieran’s cousin, Eli. And he’s walking a fine line between being dangerously cute or a total creeper.

Emma learns that Maggie stopped by earlier and gave Tina a lot to think about regarding Kieran leaving town — whatever that means. Emma realizes that Kieran doesn’t have much time left, but there’s something she really wants to do with him. She asks him to go for a drive.

Emma and Kieran head to the dock where Piper made her final stand. Cue flashbacks of that fateful night. Someone else has decided to attend the reunion. A shadowy figure in the distance appears momentarily, but Emma, convinced that it’s a hallucination, closes her eyes, and when she opens them he or she is gone. So now that Emma’s faced her demons, all is good, right? Good enough that she’s able to have sex with Kieran in a car. 

It looks like Eli and Tina could be staying in town for a while. Eli and Tina live in a crappy one-bedroom apartment with Tina’s loser boyfriend, and Eli would like nothing better than to hone in on his cousin’s territory. 

Audrey Covers Her Tracks

Noah meets with Eddie and learns that the hotel clerk once saw Piper arguing with a girl. This is an unexpected plot twist for Noah. Just as Noah tries to get a physical description of the mystery girl, the phone rings — and guess who’s on the other end? Yes, it’s the creepy Ghostface voice, warning Eddie to keep his mouth shut. But this is no mystery caller; it’s Audrey covering her tracks. 

Noah runs into Audrey in the motel parking lot, and it appears she made her phone call too late. The clerk already told Noah about a storage unit nearby where they keep belongings that guests leave behind. Noah has arranged to check it out the following morning and invites Audrey along. 

Lakewood’s Newest Residents

When Kieran and Emma return to Kieran’s place, they get some news. Maggie offered to let Kieran move in, but Aunt Tina has decided that she has an obligation to her brother to do right by her nephew, so she and Eli will be staying in Lakewood.

Emma decides to walk home and is unaware she’s being followed by somebody in a blue car. The same person has been tailing her all day. But now the mystery driver wants his presence to be known and corners Emma on a deserted street. It turns out to be Emma’s dad, and you’d think he would have reunited with his daughter in a less terrifying way. He’s been trying to figure out a way to approach her and let her know that he’s back in town. Here’s a hint: don’t try to run your daughter down in the middle of the night. 

Dad is ready to step up and be there for his daughter. His timing is odd, considering he was nowhere to be found three months ago, and now he’s returned with a new killer on the loose. Could daddy dearest be the squatter at the James’ farm?

Brooke Gets Stood Up and Audrey Makes a Grisly Discovery

After receiving a huge bouquet of roses from who she assumes is Jake, Brooke is ready to reconcile. She breaks it to her dad that she and Jake are dating despite his objections. She shows up at Jake’s house for some makeup sex, but there’s no answer. Brooke does have another admirer, Stavo, who is lurking in some bushes nearby. 

Audrey breaks into the storage unit and finds Jake’s decaying body with a message: “See how I finished the job for you, Audrey?”

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