Well, the Lakewood Six is down to the Lakewood Five — but only one of the group knows that by the end of Scream‘s “Psycho.” Though Brooke is worried enough to think about filing a report with the police when her texts go unanswered, a reply from “Jake” assuages her concern. Also, Emma begins to wonder if she’s seeing things that aren’t there, and to keep her secret, Audrey must stay one step ahead of Noah.

Here are the ways that the girls of the Lakewood Six handle their concerns in “Psycho.”

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Emma Runs out of the House After Seeing Someone Inside

She and Brooke get out of there ASAP.

Emma and Her Mother Go Back to the House That Same Night, But It’s Empty

Everything about Emma? Gone. Signs anyone could have been there? Zero. Could she have hallucinated everything?

Noah Tells Audrey He May Know Someone Who Has Seen Piper’s Accomplice

Scream 202 1.jpeg
That person, Eddie, is one of the commenters on his podcast, a clerk at a motel.

Brooke Realizes Jake May Be Missing and Not Just Ignoring Her Texts

No one has heard from him. (Someone should really check on that.)

Audrey Thinks Hayley Is Sending Those Texts to Her

Audrey confronts her, but the girl from the movie theater is just texting her boyfriend.

Brooke Offers Jake an Incentive to Text Back

Scream 202 2.png
“I even told him a quick response would get him a boob pic,” she tells Emma. “Still nothing. I’m officially worried.”

Audrey Offers to Film the Reveal of Piper’s Accomplice for Noah

Brooke Goes to the Police Station to File a Missing Persons Report

But she leaves when she gets a text from “Jake.”

Emma Thinks She Sees Piper in the Coffee Shop

Scream 202 3.png
Emma panics, dropping the cups of coffee. Maybe going back there wasn’t such a good idea. “Am I going to have a meltdown every time I see a brunette drinking a nonfat mocha?” she wonders. “Piper is gone,” her psychology teacher assures her. “Whatever you need to do to prove that to yourself is worth doing.”

Taking Her Teacher’s Advice, Emma Returns to the Dock

She sees someone watching her, but after she closes her eyes for a moment, the person is gone. Fears conquered, Emma feels back in control and has sex with Kieran in the car.

Audrey Keeps Eddie from Telling Noah What Piper’s Accomplice Looks Like

That creepy voice calls Eddie and threatens him. It’s Audrey, of course, watching from a distance instead of filming it like she had said she would to Noah. After that call, Eddie tells Noah the interview is over.

After Realizing a Car’s Been Following Her, Emma Asks the Driver Why

Scream 202 4.png
The driver is her father (and yes, he’s real, Emma). He admits that he’s been trying to figure out the best way to approach her. (Hint: This? Not it.)

Brooke Goes to Jake’s, But No One’s There

Well, except Gustavo, just hanging out and watching her from the bushes.

Upon Learning that Noah’s Going to Check out a Storage Unit the Next Day, Audrey Breaks in That Night

It’s where the motel puts belongings left behind by guests. Maybe there’s something of Piper’s there. Well, something is there that would interest Noah. Jake’s body, with a note:

Scream 202 5.png

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