Season 6, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 2/11/2011
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From the CW: "Sam starts to have flashbacks to a case he worked on with Samuel before he reconnected with Dean. Sam receives a mysterious text with coordinates to a small town, so the brothers decide to investigate. Dean is surprised when the townspeople start telling him some of the things Sam did while he lived there."

‘Supernatural‘ Recap: The Worst Thing Sam Ever Did

We already knew Sam did very bad things during the year he was hunting without a soul on Supernatural. But knowing it and seeing it are two completely different things. This week Sam does a lot of bad things in flashbacks, but one is probably the worst thing a Winchester has ever done.In this week‘s episode a mysterious text brings Sam and Dean to a town in Rhode Island where Sam and Samuel investigated a group of missing men one year ago. Now it‘s women going missing, and Sam his having a tough time being reminded of all the awful things he did without a soul.
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