Since she first appeared in season 10, Rowena has been a frequent ally of the Winchesters on Supernatural. Rowena’s partnership with the brothers hasn’t always been easy, being fraught with lies of omission and quasi-betrayals. Yet throughout it all, Rowena has maintained a friendly-ish relationship with Sam and Dean, especially the former. Yet in the episode “Funeralia” the Supernatural gang learned a surprising truth. In every possible version of Rowena’s death, recorded by the Reapers, it is Sam who kills her.

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Ding Dong, the Witch (Might Be) Dead

As is standard practice for Sam and Dean, they are planning to fight against their written destinies. Sam doesn’t believe that he will kill Rowena and not just because the witch has proven to be virtually immortal before now. Sam wants to change fate, even though Rowena seems resigned to Sam eventually killing her. Sam has no idea how to go about rewriting the Reapers’ history book but he’s determined to do it. Although changing the prewritten destiny is a Supernatural staple, it might be the most interesting position for the show to let this destiny stick. 

Sam and Dean have defied fate so many times it’s expected for them to somehow work out a way to not kill Rowena. In fact, there was almost no tension to learning that Sam would be Rowena’s ultimate end, given how much Supernatural has spit in the face of fate. The mystery isn’t in learning that Sam will kill Rowena, it’s in learning which convoluted way Sam will avoid his fate. This is precisely why it would be much more compelling to see the trio try to fight against fate and fail. 

This notion of Sam killing Rowena in the future can hang over their relationship and give some depth to the usual fun and flirty dynamic. As enjoyable as Rowena and the Winchesters’ back-and-forth has been for three seasons, it’s about time to change things up. Supernatural can still have Rowena’s acerbic wit that makes her so much fun to watch, but mix it with the tragedy of Sam being her eventual killer. Especially since death is something that Rowena seems to desire. 

As much as Sam doesn’t want to kill Rowena, she seems willing and able. The death of Crowley has fundamentally changed Rowena and she doesn’t seem as in love with life as she was once. Dealing with Rowena’s death wish is a way for Supernatural to explore her character more deeply. This won’t be so easy to do if the show wipes off the possibility of Sam killing her from the table. 

Rowena’s Perfect Ending?

Just because Sam has been told he will kill Rowena doesn’t mean it will happen tomorrow or even next season. Supernatural can delay Sam fulfilling his fate until the series eventually ends or actress Ruth Connell wants off the show, whichever comes first. This will maximize the potential of having Sam, Rowena and even Dean deal with this eventual reality while providing a very emotional and even satisfying way for Rowena to meet her prolonged end. 

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The idea that Sam will have to kill Rowena doesn’t sound like a happy ending for their relationship. Yet considering the alternatives, Rowena being killed by Sam could be the best way for her to eventually die. Rowena has spent countless years being crushed under the heel of Lucifer and even before that she was scorned for being a witch. Rowena has reached her current power-hungry state because of cruel and unnecessary abuse. Sam, however, has always treated Rowena with kindness. If someone is going to end Rowena’s life, it might as well be Sam.

Rowena isn’t a character who’s going to die peacefully of old age, if that’s even a possibility for her at this point. Supernatural characters just don’t come to normal ends. Someone is going to have to kill Rowena. It doesn’t need to be a murder but more of a personal sacrifice. Rowena is so overloaded on power now, she’s only going to die if she lets it happen. Sam being the one to do the deed could be as normal and peaceful an end as Rowena is going to have on Supernatural.

But what do you think? Will Sam kill Rowena? Will Sam, Dean and Rowena find a way to fight fate? Do you think Rowena even wants to fight fate? What do you think would be the best ending for Rowena? 

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