Will Lucifer Ever Escape His Father’s Shadow on ‘Supernatural’?

  • Apr 13, 2018
  • Buddy TV

Daddy issues might as well be the life force of Supernatural. So many characters in the series have been defined by their fathers. After all, the entire show started with Sam and Dean setting off to find their own missing dad. Yet if there’s one character who has the biggest hang-up on their dear old dad, it’s Lucifer. 

Supernatural has put the Devil in an interesting position having him become his father, God, as the new ruler of Heaven. As usual though, Lucifer’s actions have been heavily impacted by the actions of God. After 13 seasons and several millennia, it’s time for Supernatural to do something else with Lucifer. 

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The (Very) Old Lucifer 

Lucifer’s complicated relationship with God drove his initial Apocalypse and has defined the character. Yet Supernatural has grown and evolved since the days that Lucifer was going to bring down God’s creation as revenge. Lucifer should too, especially if the series wants us to buy that Lucifer is sticking around and not becoming the main villain. 

The impulse to have Lucifer stay evil makes perfect sense. Lucifer is the, by far, the best Supernatural villain and Mark Pellegrino is a hammy delight in the role. Lucifer is the perfect mix of menacing and campy. He’s just as much fun to watch exploding people with a snap of his fingers as he is going on an emotional rant. 

Yet Supernatural has hit a wall with Lucifer in his current form. This was exemplified in “Bring ‘Em Back Alive” where everyone left and abandoned Lucifer because he simply couldn’t grow up and get over his feelings of abandonment. Lucifer is treading water and it only makes sense that the characters themselves have grown tired of it.

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It’s far more interesting to see Lucifer try to escape God’s influence than fall into the same old patterns. Supernatural might finally be at the point where that type of story can be told, or at least the groundwork can be laid for it. 

Starting from the Bottom

Lucifer is on the precipice of change. Even though he got his new position in Heaven by conning everyone and it’s far from the first time that Lucifer has risen to power with lies, Lucifer is ruling Heaven. There’s something different about Lucifer’s role and his mood than ever before.

Supernatural has firmly established that whatever his outward appearance or actions, Lucifer is scared. Lucifer is worried about the potential relationship with his son and the existence of the other Michael, who is out there and ready to take over another world. This fear needs to be an impetus to tell a new story with Lucifer rather than the same old neglectful song and dance. 

Even if the tale that Supernatural spins is that Lucifer can’t escape his many hang-ups and he fails miserably at “being God,” that’s at least a new story. Putting Lucifer if not on a redemptive path, then at least a changing one, is the right way to go. Lucifer and Supernatural need to at least make an effort. 

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Supernatural has explored every angle of an evil Lucifer. The character is just treading water and losing Sister Jo as an ally (as well as the pressures of Jack and Apocalypse Michael) could be the kick that the character needs. 

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At a bare minimum, Lucifer should contact Sam and Dean and have them use his archangel grace to go back to the Apocalypse World. Lucifer has done far too much to ever believably be a full-time member of the Winchesters’ team but a temporary alliance shouldn’t be out of the question. It’d be a small but satisfying step to something greater and new with Lucifer. 

But what do you think? Will Lucifer ever change? Is his immaturity the reason he’s a compelling character? What do you want to happen with Lucifer? Will being abandoned by Jo affect him at all? 

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