The great thing about Apocalypse World on Supernatural is that the alternate reality allows the show to bring back different versions of dead fan favorite characters. We’ve already met Bobby and Kevin, but “Bring ’em Back Alive” adds yet another beloved dead character to the roster.

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The episode also finds Gabriel getting his groove back, one of the season’s many villains getting killed off and Lucifer at an exorcism. The last one doesn’t go particularly well.

Apocalypse Charlie

Dean and Ketch are in Apocalypse World searching for Mary, but instead they find three human rebels being executed by angels. But one of those humans is…Charlie Bradbury! It’s amazing to have a doppelganger of Felicia Day’s nerdy genius back on the show after her character was tragically killed at the end of season 10.

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Luckily, the angels recognize her as a high-ranking member of the rebellion who has met with Jack and Mary, so they take her back to their compound for interrogation. Dean and Ketch follow, though it’s slow going because Dean gets attacked and injured. He’s desperate to save this Charlie since he couldm’t save her in the real world.

They find the compound and use their angel bullets to kill the angels and rescue Charlie. Dean brings her up to speed on everything and she seems cool with it. Sadly the portal is about to close, so Dean has to go back to the real world and come back to try again to rescue Mary and Jack. However, Ketch and Charlie decide to stay behind to help find them to prepare for the next mission.

What Happened to Gabriel?

Meanwhile back in the real world, Sam and Cas deal with Gabriel, who is still catatonic. Gabriel scribbles his life story on the walls and Cas reads that he faked his death at the hands of Lucifer back in season 5 and, without any obligations to God or Heaven, spent his years living with porn stars in Monte Carlo. But then he was captured and handed over to Asmodeus, who gained his strength by feeding on Gabriel’s grace.

Sam gives Gabriel a pep talk about family and it snaps him out of his stupor, but waking up allows Asmodeus to track him as they’re connected because of all the grace he’s injected. Asmodeus calls Sam and demands that he return Gabriel.

Sam refuses so Asmodeus and his demons show up. They take back Gabriel and Asmodeus is about to kill Sam and Cas, but Gabriel gets his groove back. He heals himself back to full strength and kills Asmodeus. Well, that’s one villain down.

Catching Up

In the end, Sam and Cas fill in Gabriel on the Apocalypse World drama, but the archangel has no interest in this fight and leaves. Dean comes back through the portal and there’s a lot for the brothers to catch up on, like Charlie and the death of Asmodeus. But mostly Dean is just pissed off that Gabriel left because they need archangel grace to open another portal, which they don’t have mow.

King Lucifer in Heaven

Lucifer is ruling Heaven, but he doesn’t seem interested in doing anything besides making the angels search for his son while he flirts with Jo.

He decides to do some godly things and listens in to people’s prayers. He overhears an exorcism and hilariously shows up to stop the demon, but he ends up killing the priests because they freak out after learning that Lucifer is running Heaven.

The whole storyline feels like a bit of a commentary on Donald Trump. Lucifer is a petulant child who whines about all the fake news God spread about him, making people hate him when all he wants is to be loved. Now he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to do anything but focus on his own family lineage, namely his son. He gets into a fight with his “first lady,” Jo, who calls him out on the fact that he’s just afraid that is son will look at him with contempt.

Now that Charlie is back, what other dead character would you like to see show up in Apocalypse World?

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