The Man Who Knew Too Much

Season 6, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 5/20/2011
17 Ratings
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From the CW: "The wall comes down in Sam’s head and all hell breaks loose. Dean and Bobby are, for once, at a total loss on how to help him and are forced to stand by and do nothing while Sam breaks. The battle for heaven comes to a head."

‘Supernatural‘ Season 6 Finale Recap: There‘s a New God in Town

Supernatural season finales are always a bit of a downer. There was the car accident in season 1, opening the Devil‘s Gate in season 2, Dean going to Hell in season 3, Lucifer rising in season 4, Sam going to Hell in season 5 and now, maybe the worst ending ever. I don‘t mean that it‘s not a good episode, I mean that it‘s a very bad situation for Sam and Dean.
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