The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Season 5, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 10/29/2009
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Sam and Dean discover a witch is running a high-stakes poker game where the currency is life years vs. money. Bobby sees the game as a chance to get out of the wheelchair and bets 25 years, but loses. As Bobby begins to age rapidly, Dean steps in to save him but also ends up turning into an old man, leaving Sam holding the bag for their survival.

‘Supernatural‘ Recap: He Can‘t Read Sam‘s Poker Face (Page 1/4)

THEN: A possessed Bobby stabbed himself and ended up in a wheelchair while Sam, Dean and Castiel were out looking for God and the Colt.  That makes me wonder: if the Colt can kill Lucifer, could it, theoretically, also kill God?NOW: Supernatural continues to bring the funny with Dean turning into agrumpy old man.  I‘m expecting a ton of old people jokes.  So take yourheart pills, mash up your peas dust off your Bingo cards, because it‘sabout to get crazy.  Or not.  In fact, I‘ll argue this is the worstepisode so far of the season.
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