Lara Flynn Boyle/Bon Jovi

Season 26, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 5/19/2001
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Live from New York, it‘s...Darrell HammondSketches include: ""Dick Cheney‘s Health,"" ""The Fake Doctor‘s Office,"" ""Corn Chip Nails"" (from the Rob Lowe/Eminem and Dido episode), ""The DeMarco Brothers Audition For Bon Jovi,"" ""MTV Cribs: Robert Downey, Jr.,"" ""Lara Flynn Boyle‘s Save The Starving Actresses,"" ""The Scarlet Letter,"" ""MSNBC Investigates The Golden Girls,"" ""Wake Up Wakefield,"" ""A Message From Shaquille O‘Neal,"" and ""The Bloder Brothers.""Bon Jovi performs: ""My Life"" and ""You Give Love A Bad Name""