With Seth Myers set to leave the Weekend Update desk soon, Saturday Night Live has hired a new co-anchor to replace him. And get ready for some big reunions on The Miller, The Crazy Ones and Melissa and Joey. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Modern Family, Hawaii Five-0, Revenge, Mom, CSI, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and Hannibal.

Colin Jost Joins SNL‘s Weekend Update: There’s a new anchor in town. You might not recognize the name, but Jost is the sketch comedy show’s head writer and will be replacing Seth Meyers as co-anchor alongside Cecily Strong beginning March 1. He joined SNL in 2005 and became the head writer in 2012. This continues a tradition, according to Deadline, of head writers joining Weekend Update, following on the heels on Tina Fey and Meyers. (On a related note, Jonah Hill is hosting SNL this weekend, and you can check out his promos here.)

An Arrested Development Reunion on The Millers: Jeffrey Tambor is set to guest star (and reunite with Will Arnett) later on in the season as Ed Dolan, Nathan and Ray’s station manager, when the two pitch a new kids program to him that was inspired by Tom’s imagination, according to a press release. An air date has not been announced yet.

A Mork and Mindy Reunion on The Crazy Ones: And here’s another reunion, this time between Robin Williams and Pam Dawber, when the latter stops by this season to play Lily, who writes travel memoirs and is a “free spirit” type of a person, as described by TV Guide. Simon meets her at a book signing (the book is called Ninety Countries, 90 Dances!) and, well, he falls for her.

A Sabrina Reunion on Melissa & Joey: We all remember Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and in the April 9 episode, she’ll reunite with Elisa Donovan (who played Morgan Cavanaugh). Due to Tara Reid bowing out of the series citing a scheduling issue, Donovan will replace her as a museum director who meets Joe while at a bar, according to TV Guide. But the reunions don’t stop there because it was previously reported that in the same episode, Sabrina‘s David Lascher is guest starring as well.

Fred Armisen, Patton Oswalt and Stephen Merchant join Modern Family‘s Vegas episode: TV Guide reports that the SNL alum is playing a gay character named Langham who connects with Mitch and Cam. Oswalt has signed on as Ducky Schindler, a magician, who’s involved in a storyline with Phil. And Merchant will step into the shoes of a butler at the Mandalay Bay hotel, where he’s tasked with assisting the Pritchett/Dunphy group — while it starts off well, it soon becomes too much for him to handle.

Rob Corddry guest starring on Hawaii Five-0: The Children’s Hospital star is set to guest star in an episode that fans had an input on (including the plot itself). He will be playing one of Chin’s former classmates from high school; the two reconnect at their high school reunion. Entertainment Weekly notes that his character, Tony, is a professional magician who’s a “humorously sleazy man” with an extensive rap sheet — which is about to get even longer when he becomes involved in a murder investigation as a suspect.

Henri Esteve is Charlotte’s new love interest on Revenge: The actress who plays Charlotte¬†told TV Guide, “[Javier is] a bit of a bad boy that comes on and links Charlotte to Nolan.” Apparently, Esteve’s character is a hacker and met Nolan in jail, and now he’ll be staying with Nolan “under house arrest.” The actor is a newcomer and was discovered through the ABC Casting Project’s Talent Showcases.

Nick Zano is Christy’s new boyfriend on Mom: How many exes does Christy have? Who knows, but David will soon be her current BF and we’ll see him in an episode set to air on February 3. Executive producer Chuck Lorre told TV Guide that he’s “a fireman with a doctorate in philosophy from Standford. Christy falls really hard for this guy who’s still partying hard, and being around him is very risky for her sobriety. I’ve never gotten to tell a story like this so I’m really enjoying it.”

Ron Glass is Greg Sanders’ former mentor on CSI: The episode in which the Barney Miller alum will guest star involves flashbacks to Greg’s childhood. TV Guide got the scoop from executive producer Carol Mendelsohn, who said, “It turns out that as a young boy, Greg was into chess and had a mentor. A murder at a chess tournament will reunite Greg with his old mentor. And we’ll learn that Greg was a chess wonder kid and could have been a champion, but for some reason gave it up.”

Pedro Pascal as a love interest on The Mentalist: You may have seen him in recent months on Graceland and Red Widow, but along with a story arc on Game of Thrones, you’ll also be able to see Pascal on The Mentalist this spring as a new love interest for Teresa Lisbon. This is a recurring role for the actor, and he will appear in at least five episodes beginning with episode 16. His character, FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike, is described by TVLine as “a charming man with integrity, a blue-collar cop with FBI smarts.”

Tahmoh Penikett joins Criminal Minds‘ 200th episode: The former Battlestar Galactica star is set to play Michael Hastings, who worked with JJ at the State Department. When he shows up, it won’t be for a happy occasion. We don’t know anything else about the character, but showrunner Erica Messer talked recently with TVLine and said, “The mystery of what happened to JJ is very much answered. … A lot of things happened to her professionally and personally that we never knew about,” and they will come to light in episode 200.

Katharine Isabelle might be a love interest on Hannibal: A love interest for who, you might ask? None other than Will. She’s playing Margot, one of Hannibal’s patients. Unfortunately, she’s had a rough past due to her twin brother (who’s a serial killer) abusing her. She’ll be in at least four episodes, starting with episode 8, according to TVLine.

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