Welcome to The Voice‘s first results show! Tonight, we’ll say goodbye to two singers from each team.

'The Voice' Recap: The Top 12 Are Revealed

I was completely wrong about how the elimination process would go. I swear Carson said this previously — I didn’t just make up the rules as we went (or so I thought)! So America will save two from each team, and the coach will save one person out of three. These are going to be some tough, tough decisions.

I actually would’ve liked to know which artist(s) got the lowest votes. If there’s one thing The Voice can take from The X Factor, it’s the leaderboard that reveals exactly where they stand against the others.

By the end of the hour, three singers from each team will make up the top 12. Are you excited? Did you vote or buy the singer’s performance on iTunes?

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Team Blake Results

First, the team performs “Free Ride” by Edgar Winter Group. Wow, they don’t sound good together. Ray sounds like he’s behind the music. Nic shows off some nice dance moves, but that’s it. Cole seems lost in the song.

America saves … Austin Jenckes and Cole Vosbury!

Wow, I really did not expect Austin to get the most votes, even though he was the highest on iTunes. Is the artist’s position really going to determine the rest of the season? Why even watch the results show?

Blake saves … Ray Boudreaux!

Shelbie Z and Nic Hawk are eliminated!

Blake got rid of his female country singer. It’s worth saying again: Blake got rid of his female country singer. He was going on about having the most impact on the person moving forward, and I’m thinking he’s going to save the country artist being that they’re in the same genre, but he saves the blues guy instead. Now it’s Blake and his boys. Crack open a beer and put your feet up.

Team Cee Lo Results

Mostly dressed in red, Cee Lo’s crew takes on “Give A Little Bit” by Supertramp. These group performances are always a little awkward because it only fits for like 1-2 people. They seem really into each other, and I’m getting a little sad that two people have to leave. Blake’s team had one female and the rest males, and this team is the other way around. Will Cee Lo be taking an all-female team to the top 12? On to the results.

America saves … Caroline Pennell and Jonny Gray!

Cee Lo saves … Kat Robichaud!

Tamara Chauniece and Amber Nicole are eliminated!

This was pretty obvious, and I predicted it all. They’ll be okay. I truly believe that Cee Lo does keep in touch with all of his singers.

Team Christina Results

They tackle Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody,” and I’m surprised that Josh sounds the worst since he sounded exactly like Adam Levine before. This group just looks really good together. When five great individual voices come together, you’d think they sound even better, but I’m not really feeling these performances. At least they’re all sounding better than any group American Idol performance I’ve seen. Did Matthew Schuler just laugh in the end? Here are the results.

America saves … Jacquie Lee and Matthew Schuler!

Christina saves … Josh Logan!

Olivia Hencken and Stephanie Anne Johnson are eliminated!

I was hoping to be surprised here, but I wasn’t. Next.

Team Adam’s Results

Why did Adam’s team get a current hit, “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities, and the rest got whatever songs? Oh probably because Adam’s a bigger diva than Christina. Just kidding. But really, Christina seems really chill this year. I’m cracking up at them just dancing/walking in a circle. They are adorable. Now the results.

America saves … James Wolpert and Tessanne Chin!

Adam saves … (going right to the last possible second… credits rolling …) Will Champlin!

Grey and Preston Pohl are eliminated!

Yes, yes, yes! He says he was picking the person with the most potential, and I’m glad he really sees it in Will since he let him go before.

Well, now the top 12 are set. There weren’t any big surprises (just Austin getting in by America was), and I’m glad Adam went with his head because I’m sure his heart was telling him Preston.

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