The top 12 will become the top 10 on tonight’s results show of The Voice.

There will be a bottom three of singers — regardless of coach — who received the least amount of votes by America, but a new twist will save one of them via Twitter.

To quickly recap how it will work: Tweet using the bottom three artist’s name you want to save and the hashtag #VoiceSave. Carson Daly will announce when this will happen, and there’s only a five-minute window of voting.

We’ll also see Sara Bareilles perform her latest single, “Brave.” She’s not a stranger to NBC … or singing competitions … or singing competitions on NBC for that matter. She was a judge on the a capella show The Sing-Off.

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I predicted that The Voice bottom three will be Kat Robichaud, Jonny Gray and Josh Logan. I have no clue how the Instant Save will go, but I said Josh will be saved.

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Carson announces that there was a record number of downloads — I swear he always says this. But every single artist charted? I checked the charts at 11am, and I did not see Jonny Gray in the Top 200, so I don’t know how far back on the charts Carson’s talking about.

“Brave” by Sara Bareilles with The Voice Women

This tune is so catchy. I know there was some criticism that this song and Katy Perry’s “Roar” were too similar, but whatever. The music video for this is adorable, too. The four ladies of the competition join Sara for a couple words each. Really, is that it? Also, Jacquie Lee’s curls make her look way young.

Now on to The Voice confessionals. I had forgotten about these. Well, there’s Cee Lo looking like a disco ball with a silver sparkly jacket along with his friends llama and a pig. Adam has a cute puppy.

Okay, fun’s over. On to the results.

The Results, Part 1

The first two saved artists who are in the top 10 are Caroline Pennell and Matthew Schuler

Are the singers saved in order of votes? Because that means Caroline overcame Matthew’s iTunes multiplier votes. If that’s the case, man, just give her the win right now or something because Monday’s performance was easily her worst of the season.

Team Cee Lo (“Roam” by The B-52s)

What in the world is Cee Lo wearing? I don’t know why I get surprised anymore. I’m feeling a little sad because I predicted two of his artists to get kicked off. The backup dancers are way distracting and his singers look a little uncomfortable, like they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing.

The Results, Part 2

The next two singers saved by America are Austin Jenckes and Tessanne Chin!

Wow, I’m really underestimating Austin’s fan base. I need to investigate and see who they are.

The Men of The Voice (“We’re an American Band”)

So the ladies of The Voice barely sang and the men have their own song, and four of them are on the guitar? Step it up, ladies! I guess to the women’s credit, they were just supporting singers to Sara Bareilles, but still. 

The Results, Part 3

Three more singers who are in the top 12: Jacquie Lee, Cole Vosbury and Will Champlin!

So far, I’m on track with my bottom three. Ray and James are still at risk along with them. I was totally wrong about James definitely being safe, it looks like. His fans were turning out on the charts, but not in other ways apparently because Austin was 50 spots lower but saved before (again, assuming the saved artists are being revealed by votes).

Team Adam (“A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles)

James is pulling double duty on the guitars tonight — he also sounds pretty great. The song suits him. Adam’s on the drums, Will’s on the keyboards — they should’ve given Tessanne the tambourine or something, but she’s dancing it out, too.

The Results, Part 4

The final two artists definitely in the top 10 are: Ray Boudreaux and James Wolpert!

Oh man, I got so worried about James for a second! He’s one of my favorites, and he definitely needs to be in the competition over the bottom three of Kat Robichaud, Josh Logan and Jonny Gray.

Instant Save

During the commercials, I checked The Voice Twitter account, which tweeted out each artist and the hashtag. Going by the retweets, it’s really close — and the tweets are flying. Kat was leading, but then Jonny closed the gap with Josh not too far behind.

At more than 11,000 RTs for all, Jonny has taken the lead — and continues to build his biggest lead at over 1,000 RTs over the other two. Will Jonny be saved? 

Back to the show. There is a five-minute window that has not yet been reached, so both Blake and Adam think it’s Jonny who will be saved as well.

The artist in third place and eliminated is Jonny Gray

The instant save artist is … Kat Robichaud! This means Josh Logan is also eliminated. At least Cee Lo only lost one, rather than the two I predicted.

I checked The Voice Twitter account after the voting window closed, and Kat made a mad comeback. Kat had 15,008 RTs, Josh had 16,042 and Jonny had 16,470 — meaning her fans were tweeting on their own like crazy.

Well, that was fun! What did you think about the results?

The Voice airs Monday at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm on NBC.

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