The holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones and being thankful for everything in your life. For Jimmy Fallon, that means reuniting with the show that made him a star.

Former SNL alum Tina Fey returned for the season 39 premiere as host, and now Fallon is doing the same for the sketch-comedy show’s holiday episode, the same episode, in fact, that he hosted two years ago.

And it’ll be a big show, for sure. Not only is Fallon the host, but Justin Timberlake will be the musical guest — and we all now how brilliant he on SNL; there’s no doubt he’ll be in some sketches at some point during the night. That’s epic enough as it is, but I’m sure they’ve got some surprises up their sleeve; might we see some unannounced guest appearances by other big stars?

Ahead of this weekend, NBC has released a series of promos featuring Fallon and cast members Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon. The first two start everything on what looks to be a balcony or a roof, and it’s snowing out — but according to the future Tonight Show host, those aren’t snowflakes falling on them, but rather something a little more disgusting.

Fallon also throws us for a loop when he says JT can’t make it because his flight was cancelled — and the crew behind the camera proceeds to hurl snowballs at them. But that’s not the only time it happens; Thompson hits him with a snowball and he starts crying. His reaction is absolutely hilarious because at one point it looks like he’s about to start laughing; in fact, there’s at least one other moment in these promos that I thought he was going to break character.

This series of promos clocks in at over three minutes, which seems longer than normal, and these are possibly the best promos of the season so far, which include Fallon and Thompson attempting to sing Timberlake’s “Mirrors” and sounding like a jumbled mess, and Fallon singing songs with McKinnon — to me, it seems like they’re ad-libbing the whole thing, which is fantastic.

What I’ve been describing is just skimming the surface, so check out all the promos for yourself:

Are you excited to see Jimmy Fallon return home to SNL? Do you think Justin Timberlake will appear in some sketches? And will there be other big-name guest stars making cameo appearances as well? If so, who do you think should stop by?

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:35pm on NBC.

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