Sarah Michelle Gellar/Backstreet Boys

Season 24, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 5/15/1999
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Live From New York, it‘s...Will Ferrell (in a bald cap) and Ana GasteyerSketches include ""The Culps At A Graduation Ceremony,"" ""The Tiger Beat Ultra Super Dreamy Love Show,"" ""The Zimmermans‘ Summer Cabin,"" ""Get On The Bag!,"" ""TV Funhouse: The Ginsburg Gang"", ""MTV‘s Shame Attack,"" ""Channel 5‘s Sunday Matinee: Dusty‘s Love,"" ""Nickelodeon Press Conference,"" ""Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine"", and ""Brian Fellow‘s Safari Planet.""Backstreet Boys perform: ""I Want It That Way"" and ""All I Have To Give""