Kelsey Grammer/Sheryl Crow

Season 24, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 10/3/1998
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Live from New York, it‘s...Darrell HammondSketches include ""Bedtime At The White House,"" ""KCF Shredders"", ""Maakies: The Mermaid Rat"", ""Delicious Dish,"" ""Big Bernard and His Father,"" ""Thinking About Burriots,"" ""Mr. Peepers In London,"" ""Morning Latte,"" ""Hello Dolly,"" ""The Best of Horatio Sanz/The Best of Dan Aykroyd"", ""Baywatch Director"", ""Terry Fergusen Campaign Commercial"" and ""ESPN2 Lumberjack Coverage.""Sheryl Crow performs: My Favorite Mistake