Richard Pryor/Gil-Scott Heron, Thalamamus Rasulala

Season 1, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 12/13/1975
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On A Seven Second Delay from New York, it‘s...Garrett MorrisSketches include: The Clumsy Waiters, Samurai Hotel, Looks At Books, New Dad (repeat from the first episode of the series), Police Line-Up #1, Racist Word Association, SNL Film: Pong, When White Family Members Turn Black, Spud Beer, Police Line-Up #2, Early Suicide Pill, The Muppets: Ploobis and Scred Get Drunk, Police Line-Up #3, Exorcist II, SNL Film: Albert Brooks Is Home Sick, and Richard Pryor Stand-Up.Gil-Scott Heron performs: "Johannesburg" and "A Lovely Day"