One Meatball Stands Alone

Season 5, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 3/8/2012
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Mike tells Jionni he hooked up with Snooki which results to a fight.

‘Jersey Shore‘ Recap: The Snooki/Situation Blowout

The day has come at last on Jersey Shore -- Mike FINALLY cashes in and confronts Jionni about his alleged hook-up with Snooki, but I don‘t think he got the reaction out of Jionni that he was hoping for. Shockingly, Jionni is very calm and collected about the whole thing most likely because he doesn‘t believe any of the B.S. that comes out of The Situation‘s mouth. Personally, I really don‘t know or care who is telling the truth, and frankly it has just gotten old after almost two full seasons of this back and forth bickering. Snooki however, does not keep her cool as well as her buff beau, and participates in a full on food fight to protect her honor. Not surprisingly, the harmless fight turns more into a food war between the two as unresolved issues are taken out through flying pickles, ketchup and milk. I think Snooki gets the last laugh though when she rubs all of the condiments off of her body onto Mike‘s sheets. Yuck.
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