Here’s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight’s episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager, “Hole in the Wall.”

I may have missed last week’s episode due to Independence Day, but I didn’t miss much — Ben and Adrian moped around some more, which continued tonight.

High Five Highlights:

5. Adrian is Power Walking Back to Life: Amy and Ricky had a prolonged fight about their sleeping arrangements, but it quickly dissolved into more of Amy’s fears that Adrian is going to move in on Ricky. Adrian is then seen walking down the street in a super bright pink jumpsuit. Nothing else happens and the scene really struggles to convey any sort of message, so it seems all they did was waste a lot of money clearing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

4. Starting to Close the Book on Mercy: Ben talks with Amy and Grace about Adrian’s decision to go to New York for cosmetology school, but neither of the girls seem sold on letting it happen. Adrian then calls Amy to ask for her help cleaning out their nursery of everything that could remind her of Mercy. Adrian appears to be committed to moving on with her life.

3. Where’s Mr. Bear: Adrian’s decisions to clean out the nursery and to go away to cosmetology school turned out to be her two good ideas because the third one she had was a real doozy. She told Grace that within the next year she and Ben are going to have another baby. Ben throws a serious wrench in that theory by freaking out and revealing he’s still in love with Amy. Now I’m gonna go find my bear.

2. There’s Just No Pleasing Ricky: The whole overblown bed fiasco between Amy and Ricky got solved by a donation from George. But Ricky doesn’t feel comfortable taking hand-outs from his girlfriend’s parents. He calls George and tries to get him to take it back, but all that happens is they have another conversation about how they should get married. Oh here’s something different — HIGH SCHOOLER Ben is kicking back a 6-pack alongside a stuffed bear.

1. Down Goes Ben: Ben meets his dad for dinner, but he doesn’t stick around long. He walks up to the table and tells his dad that honesty has gotten him out of his marriage then promptly falls to the floor in a drunken heap. Amy and Ricky have one last talk about their relationship before Ricky shows that he didn’t delete Adrian’s message. Adrian listens to more Adele and we are on our way.


– Why did Ricky lie about deleting the message from Adrian?

– What liquor store is going to allow a guy carrying a stuffed animal to buy a case of beers?

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