Jersey Shore season 4 in Italy premieres next month, and the first promos for the macaroni rascals’ adventure abroad are out and — trust me, this is hard to admit — they’re pretty great. If you’ve got a sense of humor about the great masters.

The irony of sending America’s trashiest Italian-Americans to the motherland, which is also the birthplace of high art and home to Renaissance men like Michelangelo, da Vinci and Boticelli, isn’t lost on MTV. In fact, that’s the irony they’re banking on, if the mashup math in these promos are any indication: Jersey + Italy = High art + The lowest of the low-brow.

Check out the Mona Lisa in Snooki’s sunglasses, a Venetian gondola replaced by the duck phone, the “Birth of Venus” with fur boots and a pink bag, and Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” turned into “The Creation of T-Shirt Time,” accompanied by a few audio hints at what’s to come for Snooks, Sitch and their gang when we catch up with them in Florence.

My favorite picture is probably the Snooki Lisa, but my favorite audio is in promo #4, courtesy of Deena: “How do you say slut in Italian? I’m not … that.” The classical piece that turns into a club mix in each promo is also a nice touch. Watch all 4 promos for yourself:

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Get More: Jersey Shore, MTV Shows

Get More: Jersey Shore, MTV Shows

Get More: Jersey Shore, MTV Shows

Watching these reminds me of that episode of The Office when Kevin defaces Ryan’s New Year’s Resolution to read “fart” instead of “art.” I doubt I need to explain why.

Are you cringing at seeing the works of the greats mashed up with the guidos’ tacky accessories and clueless quotes? I don’t blame you, and I bet MTV doesn’t either — pretty sure that’s the point! You can watch the mashup metaphor come to life when Jersey Shore season 4 premieres on August 4 at 10pm.

(Image courtesy of MTV)

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