At the End of the Day

Season 3, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 3/24/2011
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The roommates bid farewell.

‘Jersey Shore‘ Season 2 Finale: Gators, Guidos and Grenades

It‘s finally here, boys and girls! The last episode of Jersey Shore season 2, The Miami Chronicles.The gang kicks off their last full day in Miami by deciding to take in some of Florida‘s wildlife in the Everglades. Or as Snooki puts it, "We‘re going to see the crocodillies!" Alligators, crocodiles, they all look the same behind little orange beer goggles. But much as Snooki can‘t tell the difference between gators and crocs, the gators can‘t tell the difference between these crispy, brown guidos and guidettes glistening with oil and some crispy, brown chicken also glistening with oil, as it attempts to eat them while on their boat tour. Unfortunately, evolution is not on the gator‘s side and its little legs aren‘t long enough to climb into the boat.
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