The Survivor in the Soap

Season 8, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 3/4/2013
5 Ratings


From FOX: The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Symchay Conteh, a young man whose remains were found in a barrel at a hazardous waste disposal facility. They discover that the victim was an immigrant from Sierra Leone working numerous part-time jobs in order to make ends meet Meanwhile, as the team gets deeper into the investigation, Cam and Arastoo (guest star Pej Vahdat) find it even more difficult to keep their relationship a secret and Brennan and Booth try to decide on a vacation destination.

‘Bones‘ Recap: The Secret‘s Out with Cam and Her Love Interest

There are episodes of Bones where the cases aren‘t too fascinating when compared to the side plots of the cast. Then there are the episodes where the cases are pretty gripping. "The Survivor in the Soap" is one of the ones where I was glued in from start to finish, balanced by both the case and Cam‘s relationship with the Squintern, as well as Brennan and Booth‘s future vacation plans..
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