The Killer in the Crosshairs

Season 6, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 3/10/2012
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Sniper Jacob Broadsky takes out a victim who escaped from the justice system; Booth uses his military training to try to stop Broadsky before he strikes again; Angela‘s father visits the Jeffersonian.

‘Bones‘ Fan Columnist: Booth vs. Broadsky

Hello there, Bones fans. It seems like forever since we last spoke, but thankfully, our favorite show returned last night with an all-new episode, "The Killer in the Crosshairs" in which we saw the return of Booth‘s sniper nemesis, Jacob Ripkin Broadsky.  Now, for any of you who have not yet seen this episode, please do so before reading this. However, as always, for those of you who did catch the episode, let‘s get right into last night‘s intense battle between good and evil.
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