The Final Chapter: The Price for the Past

Season 12, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 1/24/2017
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From FOX: The team investigates the murder of someone from Booth and Brennan‘s past. Meanwhile, Aubrey faces a moral dilemma of his own when he discovers his dad is back in the picture.

‘Bones‘ Recap: Who Pays the Ultimate Price for Booth‘s Sinful Past?

Bones pulls a bait-and-switch on us in this episode, "The Final Chapter: The Price for the Past." It begins like most of the comedic episodes, with a birthday party and talk of fecal matter in the swimming pool, and ends with one of the most horrifying deaths in Bones history. The murder is a further kick in the gut with a combat boot because the victim is a much beloved character whom I had desperately hoped we would get to see more of. The moment the remains hit the table in the lab, Brennan begins slowly turning green as she recognizes a constellation of injuries not unlike Booth‘s. Thus begins the unraveling of the mystery behind the final desperate hours of someone who stood beside Booth when he was at his worst while doing what he did best: killing people. This forces Booth to question his worthiness to have such a wonderful life when others who fought beside him have nothing.
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