The Stiff in The Cliff

Season 11, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 6/23/2016
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From FOX: When the remains of famous billionaire explorer Henry Charles are found in Antarctica, the high profile case is brought to Brennan and Booth to determine if his death was a murder. The Jeffersonian team confirms he was killed when he went missing ten years ago on an expedition, but the timeframe puts the Jeffersonian‘s Dr. Clark Edison (guest star Eugene Byrd), who was with Charles for the expedition, on the short list of suspects. Meanwhile, Cam‘s sister comes into town to help with wedding plans and old family friction comes into the picture.

‘Bones‘ Recap: Did Clark Kill the Cannibal-Loving Billionaire?

"The Stiff in the Cliff" is perhaps one of the most circuitous and interesting cases of the second stretch of Bones‘ 11th season. First, the victim who had gone missing 15 years previously is found in a melting Alaskan ice flow. Then, our own squintern, Dr. Clark Edison, who was in Alaska with the victim when he disappeared, takes his Fifth Amendment rights as the team ponders the possibility of his guilt. In the B storylines, Cam and her feisty competitive sister nearly come to blows over planning Cam‘s wedding. And finally, Brennan faces the true meaning of solidarity introduced when Christine faces a bully at school.
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