The Doom in the Boom

Season 11, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 12/10/2015
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From FOX: To solve a murder, Brennan and Booth go undercover at an Old West-style shooting competition, while Angela and Hodgins discuss the future of their family and Cam gets close with photographer Sebastian Kohl (guest star Gil Darnell). Then, the team investigates the murder of a police officer that sends shockwaves through both the Jeffersonian and FBI teams. Behavioral analyst Leslie Green (guest star Sara Rue) is assigned to work with Booth on the investigation and lends her professional assessments on who the cop killer could be, while Cam must make some decisions in her personal life and the entire team re-evaluates what is truly important to them.

‘Bones‘ Winter Finale Recap: Is This the Beginning of the End for ‘Bones‘?

Bones fans have been waiting for this double feature for what feels like an eternity. The promised undercover episode, "The Cowboy in the Competition," is an enjoyable ride, as I mentioned in my teaser earlier. Picturesque, humorous, and beautiful; this farce has the added bonus of the brief inclusion of fan darling Agent James Aubrey.Then comes "The Doom in the Boom," which has frozen the blood running through my weary veins. Aubrey getting turned into Swiss cheese was enough to make me stop breathing throughout the first half of the episode, but the penultimate scene with Hodgins lying on the floor, eyes dead and body motionless, was a draft horse kick to the gut. Mama mia, what the ...? How the ...? I mean ... gasp. 
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