The Donor in the Drink

Season 11, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 10/15/2015
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From FOX: On Brennan and Booth‘s first official day back at their respective positions at the Jeffersonian and the FBI, things get exciting when remains are found at a fish farm under suspicious conditions, prompting them to investigate. After it‘s discovered that someone harvested several of the victim‘s internal organs before he was dumped in the water, Angela tracks down the seller and buyer of the organs to try to uncover important details in the case. Meanwhile, Booth readjusts to his position back at the FBI and discovers Aubrey has taken over his old office; Hodgins pushes Angela to showcase her photography work; and Cam struggles with her decision to choose work over her relationship with Arastoo.

‘Bones‘ Recap: Who Stole Jared‘s Cremains?

In "The Donor in the Drink," Bones introduces a fishy murder, missing cremains of Booth‘s deceased brother, and a finalized break-up between Arastoo and Camille. More centrally, however, is the issue of Booth reinstalling himself at the FBI while dealing with unease over being unable to take care of Jared even though he‘s no longer alive.After an intense two-part premiere with "The Loyalty in the Lie" and "The Brother in the Basement," this third installment gives us the sweetness of siblings Christine and Hank as well as some good old Aubrey humor. It‘s good to have the Booth‘s back in the saddle, isn‘t it?
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