The Woman in the Whirlpool

Season 10, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 5/28/2015
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From FOX: When the body of a well-known cookie jar collector is found in a riverbank, the Jeffersonian team must submerge themselves into the victim‘s collector community in order to catch the murderer. Meanwhile, Booth struggles to come to terms with Brennan‘s decision that he move out of their house due to his gambling addiction and Aubrey has his eye on one of the "squinterns."

‘Bones‘ Recap: Booth Learns How the Cookie Crumbles

"The Woman in the Whirlpool" is a heavy-hearted, though well written and expertly delivered portrayal of two people deeply in love, but struggling with the consequences of addiction. Booth is despondent and as long-faced as Baryard Dawg in the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons while Brennan is subdued, but holding steady. The theme of the carnage of addiction reigns throughout as the team investigates the death of a woman obsessed with cookie jars to the exclusion of her friends and family. The team cannot help but see the parallel between the ravages of the victim‘s obsession and the destruction of Booth‘s addiction. Booth sees this as well and, in the very end, opens his ears and heart to begin to understand and accept the consequences of his actions. It‘s going to be a long haul, people. However, to quote Sweets‘ love story about Brennan and Booth, "It is their friendship that is the foundation of their relationship, not the fickle nature of love." This quote, recited by Aubrey at the end of "The Woman in the Whirlpool," provides 
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