Vincent Nigel-Murray

Vincent Nigel-Murray

Played by Ryan Cartwright

Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright) is the quirky British lab assistant on "Bones." The team brought in Vincent to replace Dr. Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) whose relationship with a serial killer was revealed in the Season 3 finale. Referred to explicitly as Mr. Nigel Murray by his colleagues, Vincent is one of the only academics on "Bones" who does not hold a PhD. Although his accent suggests that he was born in the Midlands area of England, his birth city is unknown. He attended the University of Leeds and is very analytical, firmly believing that everything in reality is based upon facts. As a result, it relaxes him to regale those around him with unrelated trivia, which is his character's trademark quirk.

Memorable Quotes:

"Vincent. Or Vince, or Vinny, Vin... Vinchenza. Actually, uh, I had this girlfriend, once, who used to call me "Vino Delectable" because of how my - uh, you don't... need to know that."

"The pelvic bone speaks. It says, 'I be male!'"

"I've been bounced by a rock band."