Top 10 'Supernatural' Episodes of All Time: #2 "In My Time of Dying"
Top 10 'Supernatural' Episodes of All Time: #2 "In My Time of Dying"
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Original Air Date:  September 28, 2006

Written By:  Eric Kripke

Summary:  In the second season premiere, Dean wakes up in the hospital after the car crash and discovers that he's left his comatose body.  As Dean struggles to inform his family that he's wandering around as a spirit, Sam (Jared Padalecki) does everything he can to help his brother.  In the end, John makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his son's life.

Why It's On The List:  I nearly drove myself crazy trying to decide whether I should put this episode or "Devil's Trap" in the number two spot.  I hemmed, I hawed, I changed my mind about a hundred times, and finally I decided to rewatch both episodes and go with my gut.  My gut pointed me toward "In My Time of Dying."  I love "Devil's Trap" and think that it's an action-packed, thrilling capper to Supernatural's first season, and it also ends with a jump-off-your-couch-and-scream-at-the-TV cliffhanger.  However, "In My Time of Dying" is more emotionally powerful and features the final living appearance of John Winchester.  It had to make the list in the end.

Believe it or not, John Winchester is a rather divisive character.  I find him completely fascinating, but I have some friends who watch Supernatural who never warmed up to him or understood his motivations for keeping important information from his children.  Even if you're not a huge fan of Poppa Winchester, I think it's impossible not to be moved by the final ten minutes of this episode.  John certainly did a lot of things to piss his sons off over the years, but his willingness to sacrifice his soul to the Yellow-Eyed Demon in exchange for Dean's life proves that he truly loved his boys.  John's final speech to Dean, where he finally tells his son that he's proud of him, is one hell of a tear-jerker, and both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles knock that scene out of the park.

In addition to John's sacrifice, there are plenty of other moments that make "In My Time of Dying" a classic.  Dean's attempt to bargain his way out of death is extremely moving, especially when he insists that his family needs him in order to win the war against the demons.  It's rare that we see Dean legitimately frightened of anything, and the chance to see Jensen get teary-eyed is always welcome.  I also love Sam's attempt to contact Dean through a "Mystical Talking Board" -- because Ouija is a trademark and all -- and Dean's line about feeling like he's at a slumber party.  Of course, even that great line can't compare to Dean exclaiming, "I full on Swayze-d that mother" after he shatters a glass.

I love the episodes of Supernatural that are action-packed, creepy, hilarious and horrifying, but overall I watch the show for the emotion.  I watch for the brotherly bonding and the complicated inner demons the Winchesters wrestle with on a weekly basis.  "In My Time of Dying" may not have a ton of action or an oozing monster of the week, but it has some of the most touching moments we've ever seen between the Winchesters.  If that doesn't bring a tear to the eye, then surely the sight of the crushed up Impala is enough to make anyone openly weep.

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- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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