'Supernatural' Fans Defend Dean's Love of Sex and Porn
'Supernatural' Fans Defend Dean's Love of Sex and Porn
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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I wasn't fully prepared for the firestorm of hate that came my way from the Supernatural community when I wrote earlier today that Dean is a sex addict. It seems fans take their beloved Dean very seriously.

Many of you offered impassioned and lengthy defenses about why Dean isn't really a sex addict, just a normal guy. Some were well thought out and raised some issues I hadn't actually thought about (the possibility that he's overcompensating after spending what felt like 40 years in Hell). Others just wanted to yell at me for being an idiotic Jensen-hater.

Below you will find some of the many comments from you, the fans, about why Dean Winchester isn't a sexaholic, but just a normal dude. But first, I'd like to offer a little defense of my own. First, my original article was partly humorous, especially the part about the possibility of Jensen being like his character, which I've since removed because so many of you seemed to take it the wrong way.

I was trying to be funny, and having met Jensen Ackles on the set of Supernatural in Vancouver, I can say that he's the kind of guy who would probably find this kind of stuff funny instead of serious. He rides around on a tiny toy bike and loves playing practical jokes. He doesn't seem to take things too seriously, which is an admirable trait.

Second, while it is true that I find Sam (and Jared Padalecki) more compelling than Dean, it in no way means I enjoy tearing Dean down. The fact is, as writer/producer Sera Gamble explained, that Dean and Sam are a pair and that it's impossible for her to pick a favorite. I don't hate Dean, nor do I think any true Supernatural fan hates either brother. However, we may love them to different degrees.

Third, some of you may think that I don't like the show or that I'm actively trying to start wars to rile Supernatural fans up. This is not true. I named Supernatural the second best show of 2008 not because I wanted to suck up to the fans, but because the storyline of Dean going to Hell and coming back provided some of the absolute best hours of television over the entire year.

Furthermore, I wrote about Dean's possible sex addiction because that's what made me giggle during the episode, and perhaps I tend to always emphasize the funny or lighter bits of Supernatural because that's what I respond to. Just be grateful I didn't spend the whole article writing about Martha Dumptruck and my love of the movie Heathers.

Anyway, on to your comments defending Dean's love of sex and porn as healthy. Many fans see it as a coping mechanism for his unusual lifestyle.

LoveKripke wrote: “Sex is pretty much normal and from what I saw from the episode, I think its something that helps him cope with his other emotions.”

Another user, bosshey, agrees, finding Dean's particular obsession endearing by writing: “He's just that type of guy, and we have to deal with it because I honestly think it's part of his charm.

Aside from using it to cope, msdog69 also thinks it has to do with Dean's lack of physical intimacy, writing: “My feelings are that Dean, unlike the rest of us, can never have a normal long term relationship with a woman. Which means he has to compensate somewhere.”

However, robinv offers perhaps the most compelling evidence, saying that Dean's sex drive may be stronger this season because he spent so much time being tortured in Hell. “Dean has always had a healthy libido, but perhaps after 40 horrible years in hell, his need for sex, for being pleasurably close to another human being, has gone into overdrive.”

Finally, JemmaKay2 defends the line that started all this drama by explaining her interpretation of Dean's cheerleader quote. “The cheerleader joke? Just that. A JOKE. Anyone who honestly believes for a second that Dean would actually bother to pursue a high school cheerleader obviously hasn't taken the time to understand Dean's character or his interactions with women.”

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