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John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Gina Scarpa ranked So You Think You Can Dance 6th.  She says...

Here's why I think So You Think You Can Dance is about a million times better than American Idol and one of the best shows of 2007: The finalists all deserve to be there. There's no Sanjaya or Kevin Covais in their top 20. You get the sense that these people not only love to dance, but worked their butts off to get where they are. The show does a brilliant job of bringing in a diverse group of dancers from hip hop to contemporary to ballroom. They introduce us to songs and styles of dance we may not have learned about had it not been for this amazing show.

The show doesn't bother with celebrity mentors who have no business teaching anyone anything. Instead, they rely solely on the talent of their resident choreographers, like Mia Michaels and Wade Robson, who both won Emmys this year for their work on the show. Memorable routines were created that we're still talking about today from Hok and Jaimie's hummingbird piece to Neil and Lacey's contemporary routine to Pasha and Lauren's Transformers-inspired dance.

Cat Deeley, who joined the show as host in season 2, is so good that FOX asked her to ring in the New Year for their annual televised event. We love to hate Mary Murphy's screaming as she carries on every week and boo Nigel when he gets tough on our favorite dancers. Contestants from the show have previously appeared in or go on to perform in everything from movies, off-Broadway and Broadway shows, performances with renowned dance companies, and special events with musical superstars.

Last month, the top ten dancers wrapped up a 40-city tour and are currently pursuing professional careers in the entertainment world. The show returns for a fourth season in 2008 with more talented dancers and new routines to call our favorites!

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