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Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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On last week's premiere episode of Make Me A Supermodel, we met this season's 16 supermodel hopefuls. While red-headed stunner Jordan excelled and won immunity, the handsome but bulky Ken was sent home. This week the remaining 15 contestants get makeovers courtesy of Bravo's own Tabatha Coffey, have a a candy themed photo shoot, and their weekly runway challenge. The episode begins with Clark Kent's more handsome brother, Colin, practicing his runway walk. Colin, our early favorite to win it all, narrowly avoided elimination last week due to a ghastly runway walk, that one judge described as "looking like a dog with his head stuck out a car window." While he may not have been a natural on the runway, the fact that Colin is practicing so diligently makes me love him even more...the show is called Make Me A Supermodel after all.

Colin's walking practice is interrupted by an email notifying the models it's time for their photo shoot. To get to their photo shoot the models must follow a trail of candy, which seems a little dubious, we all know what happened to Hansel and Gretel when they followed a trail of candy to an unknown location. Luckily, there's no troll waiting for the contestants, just Tyson, Nicole, and this week's photographer Suza Scalora. Suza tells the models that for this week's photo, they'll be posing as some of America's favorite candies. She stresses that is very important that the models "embody and emote the candy," which left me scratching my head. How does candy emote?

My deep thought is pleasantly interrupted by a parade of half-naked bodies, covered in body paint, pasties, glitter, and candy. And I'm not the only one enjoying the show, Branden is in awe of being around this many half-naked women at once and promises that it will provide him many good dreams. We bet it will Branden, you lucky bastard. But it's not just Branden who is suddenly having a craving for sweets, sexual tension abounds during this week's photo shoot. Colin, the 21 year-old virgin, is portraying chocolate to which Kerryn coos, "You know chocolate is my weakness." Colin may have come in to Make Me A Supermodel a boy, but we bet he leaves it a man. Surprisingly comfortable with the nudity, is "Almost Amish" Salome. She's just lazing about in her glitter and pasties like she's wearing sweat pants.

The first model to be photographed is the dark and brooding Gabriel. Gabriel is portraying a bright orange pixie stick and is not really enjoying all this color and fun. Instead of looking like a supermodel, he looks like Rocky from a community theatre production of Rock Horror Picture Show. Next up is Mountaha, who is also a pixie stick for this photo shoot, albeit a very sexy, come-hither pixie stick. Also portraying a pixie stick is Salome, who is a glitterific pink Pixie stick and loving every moment of it. Salome seems to be the first model who is having fun with the photo shoot and the photographer is eating that up. We're done with pixie sticks and onto Chris and Kerryn who are both dressed as sprinkles. Neither model is impressive, but Chris is particularly bad, he looks confused and stiff. Laury and Shawn are rock candy and both (pun intended) rock the photo shoot, though Laury's first few poses were a little porn-tastic.

Up next are Colin and Karen, who are supposed to be chocolate. Karen says she doesn't know how to embody chocolate--and I can't blame her. Understand it or not, she took a good photo. Colin is still feeling very awkward in front of the camera and needs a lot of direction, but in my opinion, chocolate has rarely looked so good. Meanwhile, the girls are especially enjoying Sandhurst and portrayal of a gumball. The creative shoot allows Sandhurst to use some of his dance training, while the naked aspect of the shoot lets him show of his 16 pack abs. Really, there are way more than six on his stomach. Not nearly as impressive as a gumball is CJ. In general, CJ looks pissed off and the photo shoot is no different. CJ says she has a problem looking stupid and doing new things, so she finds it difficult to try to emote as a gumball. Normally I's say "good point," but CJ is on a modeling competition and it's going to be filled with lots of ridiculously stupid new things.

Amanda and Jonathan are lollipops and both certainly look lickable. Amanda is really gaining confidence and is starting to show herself as a contender and not just a pretty girl. Jonathan comes to set filled with ideas on how to portray a lollipop and does one great pose after another. Suza, the photographer is in love with Jonathan and his creativity, and is positive she got a perfect shot out of the sexy Brit. Last but not least are the candy canes, Branden and Jordan, who both look stunning in their graphic red and white body paint. Branden comes on set with a new found confidence and takes one great photo after another. And while Jordan had immunity this week, she didn't need it during the photo shoot, she is killing it. After the photo shoot, everyone de-sticks I imagine and heads back to the model loft, where Colin immediately gets back to practicing his walk.

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