The Biggest Loser picks up right where it left off. Alison Sweeny has told the contestants that if they can lose a total of 77 pounds (7 pounds per person per day) then no one will be eliminated from either team. Mike is the only person who hasn’t weighted in and he has to lose more than 9 pounds. And he does! He loses 11 pounds! Here are the results of the weigh in:

Black Team:
Tara, -11 pounds, 5.21%
Helen, -5 pounds, 2.52%
Sione, -3 pounds, 1.04%
Laura, -7 pounds, 3.00%
Filipe, -8 pounds, 2.82%
Mike, -11 pounds, 3.70%

Blue Team:
Cathy, -3 pounds, 1.20%
Kristin, -9 pounds, 3.23%
Mandi, -8 pounds, 3.94%
Aubrey, -8 pounds, 3.79%
Ron, -6 pounds, 1.72%

79 pounds lost total!


Every gets one more week at the ranch, but their night isn’t over yet. Alison Sweeny dismisses Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels and tells them to meet her in the courtyard. She announces that this week, they’ll be going one on one. They will be matched up against one another: one blue shirt against one black shirt. Then at the weigh-in, they will be matched up to see who lost more weight that week and they’ll get a point. The first team to three points will be safe.

The pop challenge will decide who will be left out of the weigh-in for the black team and the winner will decide the match-ups for this week’s weigh-in. The challenge is a simple wall-sit challenge. The team members must squat against the wall while holding a six-pound medicine ball. The longest person to squat there wins. Ron is out first, followed by Cathy and Aubrey. Mandi is the only member of the blue team left. Filipe, Mike, and Laura all both drop the ball. It’s four minutes in and it’s only Mandi and Tara left. Mandi finally drops the ball and Tara wins again!

Tara must sit by herself in order to pick the match-ups. She must also decide who on the black team must sit out. The match-ups are:

Mike (286 lbs) vs. Cathy (246 lbs)
Sione (283 lbs) vs. Mandi (195 lbs)
Filipe (275 lbs) vs. Kristin (270 lbs)
Helen (193 lbs) vs. Ron (343 lbs)
Laura (226 lbs) vs. Aubrey (203 lbs)

Tara chose herself to sit out. She’s worried about her decisions but her teammates tell her they’re completely supportive of her choices.

Product placement time! Fiber One bars! Fiber so you can stay regular! Mandi and Aubrey won’t be blocked up this week. Thanks Bob Harper!

Day 2: Kristin and Filipe have the funnies rivalry when they start gym time. Kristin is not letting Filipe forget that she’s a competitor. Jillian and Bob encourage the contestants to pay attention to their competitors. Filipe notices that Jillian hasn’t bothered to work him out all day. You can see the frustration build. After everyone else leaves the gym, Filipe stays to get the workout that Jillian didn’t give him.

Day 4: Today challenge takes place at 24 Hour Fitness. It’s a relay race. The first person must take 24 six-pound medicine balls across the pool to another player where the second must run them upstairs. The third player must take them through obstacles to the basketball court. The fourth player must take them across the court to the other side and do 24 squats with each ball. Mike and Laura decide to sit out for the black team. The winning team will get 24 hours of luxury.

Filipe faces off against Ron in the pool. Filipe is clearly faster than Ron, who walks across the pool each time. Filipe finishes first and Sione takes off up the stairs. Cathy follows a little while later. He finishes and passes things off to Tara who army crawls under the obstacle course. Cathy passes off to Mandi who starts to close the gap between her and Tara. Tara finally finishes and passes things off to Helen. Mandi passes things off to Aubrey and Aubrey’s clearly moving faster than Helen but she started off behind. Helen finishes first and the Black team wins! They remain undefeated in challenges.

Day 5: The Black team leaves in a limousine for their 24 hours of luxury, leaving the blue team by themselves in the gym. The black team arrives at the Presidential Suite at the spa. They get massages, bubble baths, manicures and pedicures. Meanwhile, the Blue team is working their butts off back at the ranch. Kristin puts Filipe’s picture on her treadmill to encourage her to keep working harder.

Unfortunately, temptation is going to be a problem at the spa. The black team must make the right decisions when ordering their meal, whereas the blue team is back at home eating a 300 calorie meal. The black team consumes 12,952 calories at their meal, then they go out to a bar and consume more and more alcohol. Helen, Tara and Laura get a bit drunk. Helen picks up a cigarette at the bar. Filipe orders chicken tenders and French fries (and can rap, nice!). Overall, The Black team consumed 15,563 calories in one night. That’s going to hurt back on the ranch.


Day 6: The Black team wakes up after their long night and they’re all feeling it. Jillian is going to be so mad! She walks in to find her team sitting at the table. They’ve all promised to not say anything, but of course, Helen speaks up first. Tara claims she had one shot of tequila and Jillian tells her not to lie to her. She then claims she had two shots. Jillian starts to lay into them. She wonders why she stays up at night worrying about them if they’re just going to go off and do the same things they did before. She mentions that teammates don’t trust her because of their previous relationship with Bob. Filipe starts to argue back. He points out that she didn’t even work with him during the last workout, so why should he trust her? He storms out and Sione follows. The rest of the Black team sits in silence. She gives a confessional claiming that she can’t say anything to them because they’ll just run to Bob and they do. They walk into the gym and tell Bob they won’t be working with Jillian anymore. Filipe says that when he is on Jillian’s side, he doesn’t think about the reasons why he’s there. He doesn’t think about his wife or his kids. So Filipe and Sione join Bob’s side.

The Black team finally enters the gym and Jillian sees Sione and Filipe working out with Bob and she feels relieved. She goes to work out with her team and kicks their butts in order to work off all the food they ate. Although Jillian doesn’t feel slighted, the rest of the Black team does.

Weigh-in time! The Black team knows they are going to struggle in the weigh-in because of their 24hours of luxury. Laura will be going to the elimination room to give out her extra vote no matter what because of the challenge the black team won last week. Tara weighs in first because she’s not matched up against anyone. She only loses 0 pounds this week. She starts crying and says she let herself down.

Mike, -8 pounds (2.80%) vs. Cathy, -4 (1.63%) Black Team wins a point
Laura, +1 (+0.44%) vs. Aubrey, -3 (1.48%) Blue Team wins a point
Filipe, -1 (0.36%) vs. Kristin, -7 (2.59%) Blue Team wins a point
Helen, -4 (2.07%) vs. Ron, -6 (1.75%) Black Team wins a point
Sione, -6 (2.12%) vs. Mandi, +2 (+1.03%) Black Team wins the final point

Aubrey and Bob scream WTF the moment it appears on screen. Bob reasons that the amount of stress she was under might’ve influenced Mandi’s weight. Kristin had the highest percentage of weight loss so she has immunity for the week.

In deliberation, Ron says that it’s Mandi’s turn to go home next. Aubrey has already been home so Kristin, Cathy and Ron feel Mandi needs to go home. Aubrey pleads to let Mandi stay but they shoot her down. Laura, Mandi and Aubrey all decide to write Cathy’s name down.

In the elimination room, Mandi and Aubrey are worried that Laura might not keep her word. She reveals her vote first and votes for Cathy. She kept her word. It looks like it’ll be 3 votes for Cathy and 3 votes for Mandi. Mandi sacrifices herself for Aubrey and votes for Ron. That makes it 3 votes for Mandi, 2 for Cathy and 1 for Ron. Mandi says she needs to step up to be the big sister this time and make sure her sister can stay on the ranch.

When Mandi arrived, she weighed 263 pounds and she left weighing 197 pounds. She started at size 26 and she hopes to get down to a size 2. She has lost 84 pounds since coming onto The Biggest Loser.

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