I had the pleasure to get on the phone with the winners of the hit show ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’, Quest Crew. Quest Crew was the third all-male crew to win America’s Best Dance Crew along with season 1 champ, Jabbawockeez and season 2 champ Super Cr3w. They talked about their time on America’s Best Dance Crew and how it was a challenge trying to keep up with Beat Freaks.

Hi, this is Daniel from BuddyTV and I’m here with Quest Crew on the hit show, ABDC. Hey Quest, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today. How is everything going?

D-Trix Aw, it feels weird right now. We feel like nothing has really changed, we’re just ready for the next challenge. We’re still on high alert.

First of all, I want to congratulate you guys on just having a great season and coming out as the winner of season three.

Thank you so much.

How does it feel to win ABDC season 3?

D-Trix – Oh, the thing is, even though they named us winners, we feel like we still haven’t won. We feel great right now.

How nervous were you guys standing up there next to Beat Freaks and waiting for Mario to make that announcement last night?

Hok – Extremely nervous. The announcement came so much quicker than we actually thought. And before we knew it, he was ready to announce it. I don’t know if we felt ready.

What was the toughest challenge during the season, you think?

D-Trix – The hardest challenge for us was the very last winning piece we did last night. We were so tired and overwhelmed from the other two pieces. There was no challenge and usually we’re used to a challenge and that actually makes it easier for us to come up with stuff.

What was your favorite performance throughout the ABDC season?

D-Trix – Oh, I think we can all agree that our favorite performance is definitely Orquestra which was last week on the piano. We’ve basically been dreaming about that piece since we all started together.

How did you guys feel about the hip hop decathalon? I mean, it kind of played to your style right? Hip hop, about learning the 5 different styles and elements and incorporate that into a longer show. How did you guys feel about your performance after that?

Hok – I think in the beginning we were pretty scared and really stressed out about the decathalon piece because we didn’t know what kind of stuff we could add that we used to bring out each different styles without making it too repetitive and boring because it was a lot longer than the other shows that we did. But I think we were all happy with how it came out it because we were able to blow it up and then we could actually show the artistic side with the 2nd piece.

Did you guys meet the previous winners, Jabbawockeez and Super Cr3w? And if you did, how was that and did they give you any kind of encouragement or advice?

D-Trix – To be honest, we all grew up in the same scene. Some of us have trained different people in Jabba and we grew up battling Super cr3w or with Super cr3w or whatever the case may be. Honestly, a couple of them would text us throughout the season, saying “keep up the good work.” It was really nice to know they were supporting both the teams.

It seemed that going into the final, a lot of people thought Beat Freaks was going to win. Were you guys surprised that you guys won and do you think last week’s performance gave you the push you guys needed to come out on top?

Hok – I think from the beginning, we knew Beat Freaks would be against us because the 1st and 2nd season they had all guys from California and all male teams in general. It kind of pushed us to make sure that we gave them 100%. Because if there was any time that we didn’t give it our all, we knew we would just get cut.

One thing that was really cool watching the show on MTV, you guys went to the Lulu Washington Performing Arts Center and playing with the kids. Can you tell me a little about that?

D-Trix – It was kind of an honor to be able to dance with those kids. It was cool to see the light in their eyes and how excited they were when Randy Jackson came through the door, and then we came out through the door. They were just so happy and excited and that kind of brought back having that feeling again with dance. It was just really cool.

Tell me about your overall experience from being on the show, from the live auditions all the way to the season finale.

Ryan – We pretty much knew that week 3 was going to be difficult. We had to be really wise about what we were going to use and when. So, we pretty much had to be really smart in making sure we didn’t expense our entire arsenal and make sure for the next thing we still had things we could use specifically for each challenge. We just had to be wise and make sure we didn’t use something at the wrong time so hopefully by the last episode we still had something left.

What will you guys take away from the show?

Hok – Definitely the experience as a whole. It’s something we will remember for the rest ofour lives.

What’s in the future for Quest Crew? What do you guys want to do?

Ryan – We’ll definitely be visiting a lot of cities, traveling a lot, performing. We got a lot of offers for music videos, hopefully it all works out. Especially, we owe so much to the fans, we gotta go out and show and make sure people can all see it in person and after watching us so much on TV, it’s the least we can do.

What are you guys going to do with the $100,000?

D-Trix – After taxes, it’s like $60,000 to $70,000 dollars, split it amongst 7 people, so that’s like 100 dollars a piece. We’ll be off for a couple of months and then go back and work again. So yea, we’re just going to save it.

Great, thank you so much. Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans out there?

D-Trix – Thank you everybody for supporting us, thank you so much, and voted for Quest. Even if you didn’t vote for Quest, but just watched the show and supported the show and voted for somebody, we want to thank you so much because it means a lot to dancers and that’s huge for everybody.

Cool man. Like I said, thank so much for taking the time out to talk to us today. All of us here at BuddyTV wish you guys the best of luck in everything you do and hopefully I can see you guys soon on that tour.

-Daniel Ha, BuddyTV Contributing Writer

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Daniel Ha

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