Top 7 of '07: Best Shows - How I Met Your Mother
Top 7 of '07: Best Shows - How I Met Your Mother
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Debbie Chang ranked How I Met Your Mother 1st.  She says...

I originally thought it was really strange that I should have a half-hour multi-camera sitcom at the top of my list of 2007 shows because it's been a long while—before Monica and Chandler got engaged on Friends, when Michael J. Fox was still on Spin City, when Donna was still a redhead and Hyde was still a slacker on That '70s Show—since I've loved a sitcom this much. After these other shows started to go to pot, the airwaves were suddenly filled with such dreck as Becker or The King of Queens. I'm sorry, even Everybody Loves Raymond was unbelievably tedious to watch. How many times can you watch poor Ray caught between his wife and his mother?

How I Met Your Mother came down as if manna from heaven to save us all from complete boredom. The show has a stellar cast, which includes the voicework of Bob Saget. Bob Saget is not as wholesome as his single-dad stint on Full House would lead you to believe. His extended monologues in The Aristocrats prove otherwise. But I digress. Back in college, Ted (Josh Radnor) met Marshall (Jason Segel), who met and fell in love with Lily (Alyson Hannigan), and all three became best friends. Now, ten years later, they still all live together, and have added Robin (Cobie Smulders) and the inimitable Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) into the mix for some legendary good times. Not that this show is all—or even a little bit—about me, but this is almost straight out of my life! Watching the show feels like watching a more attractive version of my friends and me in easy-to-digest, 30-minute portions.

The characters on HIMYM are real people whom you can really imagine having beers with. While still being fun with silly tics and catchphrases, they are real and not caricatures of what some struggling, unfunny writers might think "wacky" characters should be like, cf., Two and a Half Men.

But most importantly, How I Met Your Mother brings funny back to TV. The characters may be written in a genuine and perfectly relatable light, but they are also genuinely hilarious. They spread out the funny so that every single character gets a chance to make us laugh, and the show certainly steers clear of the usual gender stereotypes that men are the funny, goofy ones while women are the pissy, hormonal creatures who must put up with their antics. Oh no, there's none of that in HIMYM. When asked if she partook in one too many champagne-soaked strawberries at her wedding, Lily unashamedly belches out a yes. Marshall tells her, "You could have burped or said yes, but the fact that you did both reminds me of why I married you." That also reminds me of why I love this show.

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