Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Part 1 "Here's to the Future" Recap (Page 4/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale Part 1 "Here's to the Future" Recap (Page 4/4)
Mark gives Lexie the blinding flash of the obvious and tells her that he wants her to move in with him. During the conversation, it's made clear that they have different things in mind. Mark wants to move in within the next one year and Lexie, the next ten. They haggle, and they end up in an awkward talk about marriage, or being asked to marriage. What just happened?

The Chief and Arizona continue to fight over Bailey, and she reminded Bailey of the "joy" - of seeing kids survive, I guess.

Izzie looks on as Swender breaks the news to Allison's family. Cristina tells them that it's unlikely that she'll be able to breathe again on their own. This is the deal breaker in Izzie's mind, and suddenly she's back to the beach beside Denny. Back in the real world, George tells her that she knows what to do and gives her a pep talk.

Meredith comes into Derek's office with Izzie and gives him the go signal but says she's also signing a DNR because she doesn't want to end up a vegetable supposed it doesn't go well. As she is being wheeled to surgery, Alex reminds her (shouting again) that this is exactly what made her crazy, when Denny signed a DNR and she ended up cutting LVAD wires. He tells him, "You don't get to quit on me," and orders him to tear the DNR up. She says she does not want to live like this, with all the hallucinations, and she just wants to go to the other side if ever. "Just let me go," she tells Alex. Tearfully, they share one kiss, and the music builds up and - Kleenex break.

Meredith suddenly invites Derek to go to city hall because she doesn't want to spend another day not married to her.

In a bench outside Seattle Grace, Cristina tells Owen that it is sometimes all pointless, because no matter how good you get, your patients are still going to die. And yeah, she tells Owen that she doesn't want him to die.

Bailey comes into the room to two distraught people - Callie tells her she just cut off a healthy leg, and Swender says her only miracle case is on life support. "I hate this job sometimes," says Swender. Bailey tells them to follow her to witness the "joy" of Arizona's patient's family. "That's why we do this," she says. "The joy." All three of them smile. Oh, Arizona got one over the Chief!

Meredith's voice over comes and she talks about the future. Owen and Yang are in his car, and they go to his mom's house. "I'm home," he says simply. Mother and son hug. And George signs up for the army. Are we surprised? Not really, but why do I get the urge to stop him?

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