While he may be understandably busy with the Star Trek frenzy as of the moment, Fringe co-creator JJ Abrams reportedly still has time to talk about the Fox series, the debut season of which came to a close last night.  In a media conference call Friday, Abrams detailed the plans he has for the upcoming season of Fringe.

“Season 2 is getting to know the enemy, but season one is getting to know that there is an enemy, and getting to know each other.”

As for the finale, he said it was the end of one chapter but at the same time the beginning of another, and that the “turning point” is set to set the story so that it works on three characters’ strength.  “You’re going to get a little bit of Peter’s overall story, but it’s also a huge turning point for the other two as well.”

As for the other two in the Fringe trio, Olivia and Walter, Abrams revealed big things for both as well.

“The story of Olivia is one of a guarded, protected woman who, over time, is in a sense forced to be more vulnerable,” he said.  Meanwhile, “One of the things about Walter is the untrustworthiness of his memory,” Abrams said.  “The fun of it is that he’ll have the ability to recall something but not understand how it pertains to something else.”

As for American Idol running overtime at times, the Fringe creator says that while these incidents are “infuriating,” he remains thankful to Fox, who he says has a reputation of canceling shows early on.  “We’re proof positive that that’s not always the case,” he said.

Abrams is also responsible for bringing Star Trek‘s Leonard Nimoy to the Fringe universe, admitting that he had to “practically beg” for Nimoy to accept the invitation.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: IGN
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