This is, admittedly, a pretty funny story.  Surely, you’ve heard of this, but oh well–a woman, who owns a beauty salon in St. Louis, suddenly found herself with something that most Twilight fans would definitely want: the script for the upcoming sequel New Moon.

What’s funnier is how she found it.  The woman, Casey Ray, actually found two scripts: one for New Moon, and the other for Memoirs, another Summit Entertainment project.  She found them in, of all places, a trash bin.

It’s still unclear how those scripts ended up in the trash, but Ray found the binned scripts outside a hotel where actors were staying during the shoot for another film, Up in the Air.  Yup, that George Clooney starrer which also includes Twilight star Anna Kendrick.  A representative for the actress cleared that she wouldn’t be so careless to leave scripts lying around.

Luckily for the folks at Summit, Ray returned the scripts to them.  Well, she actually considered leaking the scripts to a national tabloid, but her lawyer said she later decided against it.  Instead, she preferred to keep those scripts as collector’s items.

In the end, she went to Los Angeles to return the scripts to Summit, and was given tickets to the premieres for both films.  Afterwards, they would certify the scripts as authentic and, according to some sources, return it to Ray for her to keep.

It’s pretty funny considering the hype a few weeks back about a purported leak of the New Moon script, since discussed to death by fans.  (Without having seen the script, I think it’s a fake because different sources reported different opening scenes.)  If I had that script, I’d probably keep it and keep shut about it forever.  What about you?  Would you sell the script to a tabloid, or perhaps put it up on eBay?  Would you return it?  Would you keep shut about it?

Knowing that the woman found herself with tickets to the premieres, you’d probably return it for a chance to see the film’s stars, but… oh well.  Interesting, how things happen.

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-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: AP
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Henrik Batallones

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