Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.19 "Elevator Love Letter" Recap (Page 4/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.19 "Elevator Love Letter" Recap (Page 4/4)
Swender crashes Izzie's surgery, second-guessing Derek's every move. He finally gets his groove back and tells Swender that he knows what he's doing. In the meantime, all the residents and interns wait anxiously out in the hallway for the surgery to be over. Bailey comes out to tell them good news and bad news. The good news is that Derek was able to take out all of the tumor from her brain, and that she is OK. The bad news is that they were all terrible friends to Izzie today, and they all better do better tomorrow. Bailey rocks my world, especially with her new-new hairstyle.

After the surgery, Derek whines to Richard that Meredith turned down his propsal twice. Um, dude? Shut up. Richard tells Derek that it was Meredith's idea to have Izzie's eggs harvested today because she was confident that Derek would be able to save her. She believed in Derek.

Cristina approaches Owen in an on-call room to tell him that Izzie's surgery went well. Owen asks to hold Cristina. As sad hipster music plays loudly, they start kissing, and then undressing each other. They fall down on the bed and start making love. So sad! They finally consummate their relationship just when they are beginning to realize that they can't be together. As they lie together in each other's arms, Cristina whispers that she is afraid to fall asleep. She doesn't want a relationship with someone who she is afraid of in this way.

Meredith tries to walk into an empty elevator, but Richard stands in front of the door blocking her way. She's all, “WTF?” She presses the elevator button again, and the other one opens. Oh my God! It's the proposal! Derek is in the elevator! He has plastered the walls of the elevator with MRI scans of all of the successful surgeries they have had together. He points out certain surgeries, like the first one they scrubbed in on together, or the one when he first realized she would become a great surgeon, and the one he just performed on Izzie for which Meredith believed in him. He tells her that she doesn't freeze. She's seen the worst and has been through the worst, but that is how she has the strength to help everyone through their times of hardship. Her dark and twistiness is a virtue, not a flaw. He doesn't get down on one knee. He doesn't ask any questions. He simply says that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Squeee! OMG. I usually don't gush over grand romantic gestures or anything because I have a stone-cold heart, but this is quite possibly the most perfect proposal ever. Meredith kisses him. So, I guess that's a yes.

Since they are MerDer, though, there is no actual celebration of their engagement. Instead Meredith goes over to Cristina's where she learns that she broke up with Owen. Derek runs an MRI of Owen.

As Alex's voiceover brings us to the end of this episode of Grey's Anatomy, he climbs into Izzie's hospital and holds her hand.

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