'Gossip Girl' Spoilers: More on Chuck's Mother
'Gossip Girl' Spoilers: More on Chuck's Mother
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Any Gossip Girl fans out there who felt like they were watching the beginning of a BBC period drama, not the fall finale of a teen soap, when Chuck discovered his long-lost, long-thought-dead mother at his father's grave?

C'mon, there was even an engraved LOCKET involved!

In any case, spoiler-monger (that's a good term, I promise!) Michael Ausiello over at EW has more news about the actress who yelled "Charles!" and bolted, and what her role could mean for Gossip Girl this spring.

Check it out!

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Question: Who was the woman standing over Bart's grave on Gossip Girl? Was it Chuck's mom?
First off, the grave stalker has a name, and it's Laura Harring (The Shield). Second, yes, she will reveal herself to be the Bass family matriarch when GG returns in March. Something about this makes my impostor antennae go up, though. Call me a whore for stunt casting, but if and when Chuck's mum returned from the dead, I always imagined producers would go for a big name. You know, like Michelle Forbes. Who's with me?

What do you think of Harring's role, and what it could mean for Chuck?

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